Martha's Travels: Let Our Founder's Vacations Inspire Your Own

martha travel grandson on camel
Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Martha has visited exciting destinations all around the world. Here's a look at a few recent vacations, which could inspire your own upcoming family trip.

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martha travel grandson on camel
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

If you frequently log onto the


blog or check up on Martha's personal Instagram account, you already know that these are the best places to keep up with our founder's most recent travels—she frequently posts photos from trips taken for upcoming work projects and events as well as from getaways she's enjoyed with her family and good friends. Looking at Martha's travel itineraries to inspire your own upcoming vacation? You have plenty of options both near and far. Though Martha has visited destinations around the world, she often travels to incredible places that are close to home, too.

Martha shared on her blog that she loves to visit her seasonal vacation home, known as Skylands, in Mount Desert Isle, Maine—she frequently travels there with her daughter, Alexis, and her grandchildren, Jude and Truman. Maine is known for its natural beauty and beautiful weather in the summertime; Skylands is no exception. Martha has taken to Instagram to share the family-friendly outdoor activities that the Pine Tree State has to offer: She's shared photos on the water off Maine's coast and traversing hiking trails in nearby Acadia National Park. Another summertime destination for Martha is East Hampton, New York, where she resides in a beachside cottage on Lily Pond Road; she has hosted friends and family here as well, and has said on Instagram that she often antiques in the area during the summer.

Outside of the United States, Martha has also traveled to beautiful destinations where art, architecture, and culture abound, including cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and in the Caribbean. "A few years ago, we flew to Ecuador and went to the Galápagos, where Jude and Truman practiced their Spanish and discovered so much about these fascinating islands," Martha wrote in her guide to traveling with kids. She also shared that she has "marveled at avant-garde architecture" at destinations like London's Buckingham Palace, Versailles in France, and the new Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. Plus, in classic European cities like Paris, local cuisine is a draw of its own—something that Martha commonly highlights on her blog.

Here, we're walking through some of Martha's recent vacations, and the details that our founder has shared about these destinations via social media or her blog to inspire your own getaway.

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Havana, Cuba

Martha Stewart on an island.
Courtesy of Douglas Friedman

Martha recently took a trip to Havana, Cuba, with friends, including Kevin Sharkey, executive vice president and executive design director for the Martha Stewart brand. According to her Instagram posts, our founder sampled local cuisine and toured most of the island—even cruising around in classic 1950s Chevy convertibles—as part of her research for a new partnership with MSC Cruises.

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Melbourne, Australia

martha stewart on carousel in melbourne with grandkids
Martha Stewart via Instagram

Martha explored all that Melbourne had to offer with her grandkids and shared photos of the trip on Instagram. Our founder saw a wide array of wildlife native to Australia at the Melbourne Zoo, enjoyed a cozy meal at Donovan's on the beach in St. Kilda, and took Jude and Truman to Luna Park for rides on the carousel, too.

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Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

wide view of tasmanias freycinet national park
Martha Stewart via Instagram

If you're searching for a life-changing view, consider taking a day hike at Wineglass Bay, which is located in the heart of Tasmania's Freycinet National Park. Martha visited the area and shared the hike is "mildly strenuous and takes about 90 minutes" in an Instagram post, but added that Truman and Alexis made it to the peak in just an hour. If that's not for you, there are daily cruises from nearby Coles Bay where you can see Tasmania's gorgeous wild forests and beaches for yourself.

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Dorado, Puerto Rico

martha stewart standing on the beach in puerto rico
Martha Stewart via Instagram

After devastating hurricanes hit Puerto Rico in 2017, Martha traveled to the Dorado Beach Reserve just outside of San Juan to visit the island's beaches—but she also shared via Instagram that she attended fundraising galas hosted by Chef José Andrés.

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

martha stewart in the dominican republic
Martha Stewart via Instagram

Martha spent time touring the Dominican Republic last year and visited a few of the nation's many gardens, which she shared snapshots of on Instagram. The trip wasn't just about seeing local flora, though. She also made it out to the former estate of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, which she described as "an extraordinary property" in another Instagram post.

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Dublin, Ireland

martha stewart at tower ruins outside of Dublin, Ireland
Martha Stewart via Instagram

There's so much to see in Ireland, but Martha said in a blog post that she was especially impressed with the architectural details found in Dublin and the nearby countryside. Traveling with Sharkey, Martha toured the luxurious and historical Ballyfin Demesne hotel and its gardens, as well as the ruins of a tower during a day trip outside the city.

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Paris, France

martha stewart outside cafe in paris
Courtesy of the Martha Blog

Alexis and the grandchildren accompanied our founder on a tour of this beloved European city; here, Martha posed for a photo outside local bistro Le Hangar, where she said the family enjoyed a Parisian meal. They also ventured outside Paris to visit the palace at Versailles, which is one of Martha's favorite destinations due to its architectural importance, she wrote on her blog.

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Spitsbergen, Norway

martha with group of explorers under sign pointing to major cities
Michael Poliza

Martha recently traveled to Norway to visit the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle. This remote bunker protects nearly a million food-seed varieties, from African black-eyed peas to South American potatoes.

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Okavango Delta, Botswana

martha stewart petting elephant in botswana
Martha Stewart via Instagram

On a safari trip to Northwestern Botswana, Martha and her family came upon a herd of majestic elephants grazing in Abu Camp. "We fed them and photographed them and learned about their dire future here in Africa," Martha shared on Instagram. "Stop the ivory poachers please!"

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

martha travel louvre abu dhabi
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

"Wherever I travel, I always visit a museum or cultural venue," Martha shared in her guide to traveling with children, and that's exactly what she did during an excursion to the United Arab Emirates. "At the Louvre Abu Dhabi, I loved this piece by the artist Maha Malluh, featuring the charred bottoms of pots and pans." She also took in the local architecture that's unique to the United Arab Emirates and shared the beautiful images on Instagram.

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Mount Desert Island, Maine

Pieter Estersohn

One of Martha's all-time favorite vacation destinations is Maine, she shared on her blog, and the state is better known by its slogan: "Vacationland." Skylands is the name of Martha's rustic estate on Mount Desert Island, which is located just off of Maine's rocky coastline near Bar Harbor. Fun fact: It's the state's largest island overall.

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Acadia National Park, Maine

martha stewart with dog at acadia national park in maine
Martha Stewart via Instagram

Skylands is located in the heart of Hancock County and on Mount Desert Island, which is also home to Acadia National Park, a forest of 47,000 coastal acres. Taking a trip to Acadia means you'll stumble upon some truly life-changing beauty, including wildlife that is free to roam the park; bears and moose chiefly among them. In nearby Bar Harbor, you can also sign up for a whale watching tour and other excursions.

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Cadillac Mountain, Maine

martha stewart and children on cadillac mountain in maine
Martha Stewart via Instagram

In many of her blog posts, Martha has shared that she enjoys hiking and long walks in Acadia National Park, which is home to Cadillac Mountain, the highest point found on the East Coast. On Instagram, Martha said that her family hiked a trail known as "Beehive" which is a moderately steep trail that spans just under two miles.

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East Hampton, New York

martha stewart in the hamptons
Kevin Sharkey via Martha Stewart's Instagram

The Hamptons have long been a vacation destination for the entire Stewart family, especially during the summer. While Alexis once owned her own Hamptons getaway, the family gathers at Martha's home on Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton. She shared on Instagram that she also likes to host friends, like Martha Stewart Living's food editorial director, Sarah Carey, and visit nearby antique stores to find "treasures."

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Palm Beach, Florida

palm beach beach walk at sunrise
Martha Stewart via Instagram

Martha is known to spend plenty of time in the Sunshine State with friends and family and has blogged about her experiences there. In Palm Beach, Martha has visited the Port of Palm Beach and walked down the port's jetty under the early morning sun. It's "quiet and utterly seductive," Martha shared on Instagram.

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Stratton, Vermont

martha stewart cross country skiing in vermont
Martha Stewart via Instagram

Based on the cross-country skiing photos Martha's shared on Instagram, our founder also enjoys a cold-weather getaway. In Vermont, Martha has visited Stratton Mountain Resort and has spent time at its Nordic Ski Center. "It was fun, I am trying to get back in the groove!" she wrote on Instagram.

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Birmingham, Alabama

martha stewart holding fish in birmingham, alabama
Martha Stewart via Instagram

On a trip to the Magic City in 2018, Martha joined a friend on a boat in Alabama and "went fishing on a local lake," she shared on Instagram. She also appeared at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with Sharkey to talk about her

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