According to sales data generated by Grubhub, glazed donuts are the perennial favorite, but there's a new flavor gaining traction.
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You'd be amazed by how many different donuts are being baked fresh every single day, and some of them are pretty unique: From the gooey Portland Creme at Voodoo Donuts in Oregon to a bacon, egg, and cheese-stuffed potato donut at Holy Donut in Portland, Maine, donut shops across the nation are truly making something for everyone. In celebration of National Donut Day, the team at food delivery service GrubHub shared a list of the most "out there" donuts you can find. In the process, they learned that the glazed donut, America's perennial favorite, might not remain on top for much longer.

Using data from donut orders made between 2018 and 2019, Grubhub discovered that coconut donuts are being ordered nearly as often as glazed donuts are. In fact, orders for this coconut-flake encrusted donut have risen by 114 percent compared to years previous. Researchers also discovered that Americans may be springing for bite-sized treats compared to traditional donuts: Donut holes have surged in popularity, with an increase of 167 percent in orders made this year alone.

In addition to glazed and coconut, a few other alternative flavors were among the top ten most popular flavors in America: rainbow donuts, which are made with colorful dough; cinnamon roll donuts, including varieties that are dusted with cinnamon sugar; and donut sandwiches, which are savory treats that are stuffed with things like sushi and hamburgers. All of these flavors have become more popular over the last year, with three times as many orders made between 2018 and 2019.

Some of the most popular donuts by region and state are surprising, too. Those living in Maryland are ordering more Boston cream donuts than any other state. In Colorado, the most popular flavor is a s'mores donut, but Floridians choose warm, sugary churro donuts more than any other state. Special creations like the cronut and vegan donuts are more popular in the Northeast, where this category has grown by 695 percent for Grubhub; in the Midwest, traditional favorites like the chocolate glazed donut reign supreme.

Whether you choose to indulge in one of these far-out options or play it safe with a classic flavor, you don't have to order delivery to enjoy this classic treat. We have plenty of donut recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth, for those who love traditional flavors like Boston cream as well as those who are looking to try something new (like these baked pumpkin donuts!). Check out more of our best donut recipes and tricks for making the best donuts right at home.


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