All dogs are good dogs, but according to Google, some are more popular. See which breeds people are searching for in your state.

Golden Retriever Puppy Sitting on Park Bench
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Dog people are passionate, to say the least. They play with their pets at the park, let them tag along for ice cream runs, and even bring them to the movie theater. Many probably also have strong opinions on which dog breed reigns supreme-and not just the perfectly-groomed pups at the Westminster dog show.

Joybird, a custom furniture company, used Google search interest data to determine the most searched-for breed per state, and ultimately, the most sought-after breed in the country. They included only the most popular dog breeds of 2018 according to the American Kennel Club's list of registered breeds. (This means that mixes and mutts are not included, though we love supporting our shelter dogs!)

Looking at the map, Rottweilers take the number one spot. They are the most-searched-for breed in seven states, though we can't confirm why people are searching for them. This loving breed is known for its strength and loyalty, according to the AKC. They're a good fit for an active family, but should be trained early to reign in their territorial instincts. After Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers and Shih Tzu are the dogs searched for most on Google, both leading the ranks in four states.

U.S. favorite dog map
Credit: Courtesy of Joybird

This information differs slightly from the AKC's list of most popular dog breeds in 2018, which is based on registration statistics. Labrador Retrievers have taken the number one spot on that list for six years running. While Rottweilers are still the most searched-for dog in America, they fall in eighth place on the AKC's list.

Honestly, we were surprised that there wasn't a single dog breed that was most-searched-for across the majority of the country. However, when you consider regional climates, it's clear why certain dogs trend in certain locations. States with large urban populations, such as New York and California, prefer small dog breeds, which are perfect for apartments. Siberian Huskies are popular in Washington where they're better equipped for the weather than say a Pug, and Bernese Mountain Dogs are popular in Vermont, where they can get in long hikes with their owners.

Regardless of what the numbers say, everyone who thinks they have the best dog in the world is absolutely correct. Dogs-no matter the breed-bring families so much joy and memories, that there's really no point in comparing them.


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