While classics like chocolate and vanilla are available across the country, new search data suggests they're not the only flavors Americans love.
Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream in a Cone
Credit: Vesna Jovanovic / EyeEm and Getty Images

With Memorial Day behind us, the majority of ice cream shops and local creameries have opened for the summer season-you may have already stopped by for a refreshing scoop with your family, or you may prefer to bask in the icy coolness of the frozen aisle at your local supermarket. Wherever you choose to get your ice cream, there's a good chance that you'll find chocolate and vanilla flavors available, but that might not be what you order. As it turns out, Americans may be searching for a blend of the two flavors or for something else entirely. According to data provided by WorkWise Software and Google Trends, cookies and cream ice cream is one of the most searched for flavors in the country; it's also a top favorite in 14 different states.

WorkWise put together a graphic that illustrates the many different ice cream flavors that have earned America's love over the years. While chocolate and vanilla-based flavors came in on top, there are a few varieties on the list that demonstrate our rich regional cultures. In Florida, for example, the rich smoothness and caramel-like profile of dulce de leche outshines the standards; in Michigan, people love to learn more about "Superman" ice cream, which is a swirl of blue, red, and yellow hues, and a mashup of vanilla, black cherry, and cotton candy-like flavors.

Some popular flavors are surprising, too: Pennsylvania, one of the oldest states in America, prefers a specialty known as teaberry ice cream, which is a soft pink blend of wintergreen mint. Tutti frutti, an Italian blend of many chopped and candied fruits in a swirl of ice cream, is an all-time favorite for those living in California. Meanwhile, people in Connecticut are on the hunt for beer ice cream, which many didn't even know existed!

People living in most places still choose the classic flavors, though: New Yorkers love a good scoop of chocolate chip, whereas Mainers opted for vanilla. As for the flavor that was most popular overall? Chocolate beat out vanilla by a long shot-it was the most searched for ice cream in 33 states, while vanilla was a perennial favorite in 18 states only. The team behind the ranking included special flavors that used chocolate and vanilla as a base in their final ranking. After you find the top flavor in your state, check out our favorite flavors and ice cream recipes here.


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