Waxed-Canvas Place Mats

Set a table this striking, and you'll be eating up compliments the next time you entertain.

waxed canvas place mats

To make our custom color-block place mats, cut out rectangles of yellow and white waxed canvas. Rather than hemming the edges, gently pull a few loose threads to give them a frayed finish. Then stitch on contrasting pockets so you can tuck in flatware, and go spot-on with plates.


  1. Cut canvas for place mat into a 18 3/4-by-13-inch rectangle. Cut canvas for pocket into a 7 1⁄2- by-6 1/4-inch rectangle.

  2. Gently pull threads at edges of larger rectangle to fray them.

  3. Fold edges of smaller rectangle under about 1⁄4 inch, and press with iron to set crease. Place pocket 1 1/2 inches from side of place mat and center it vertically. Sew around sides and bottom of pocket, about 1/8 inch from its edge, to secure to place mat.

  4. Add upholstery tacks, if desired: Measure and mark with a pencil for even spacing (ours are about 3 inches apart on centers); pre-poke holes with awl. Insert tacks; gently hammer in using mallet.

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