This benefits your home in ways than go beyond aesthetics.
lined dresser with light blue siding

Decorating all of the nooks and crannies in your home includes finding ways to spruce up hidden places like the interiors of dresser drawers. One of the ways that we add flair to these drawers is to line them. Not only can liners protect the bottom of the shelf or provide an additional function (like grip or fragrance), but they can also feel like an extension of your home décor.

Why You Should Line Your Dresser Drawers

You can line the sides or edge of a drawer to create a custom piece of furniture that delights anyone who opens it. Here are more reasons to do so.

1. Protect Furniture From Water

Give drawers an upgrade by lining them with a soft and protective material—like felt or leather—which will protect the interior surface from dings and scratches (especially if you're storing valuables like jewelry).

For a waterproof alternative, try colorful oilcloth. Just cut the oilcloth to fit the bottom, leaving extra allowance in width for overhang—no sewing required. Its heaviness will keep it in place sans adhesives.

2. Beautify the Interior

Self-adhesive wallpaper—like the ones offered from Chasing Paper—are perfect for lining drawers and shelves. Find a pattern that you like and cut it to fit the drawer. If you're so inclined, you can easily change it up on occasion, since the wallpaper is removable.

3. Organize Stored Items

A liner can be dual purpose: It can organize and protect the interior of your dresser. These slide-in dividers are as pretty as they are practical and help to neatly store your everyday items. They can be made to fit nearly any size of container. And when lined in soft lace-trimmed fabric, they cushion fragile pieces and prevent snags on accessories such as socks, linens, and undergarments.

4. Add Scent

Lightly fragrance your clothes and linens by lining your dresser drawers with scented sachets—or by purchasing fragranced sheets. For the former, fill fabric pockets with dried lavender and sew the layers of the liner together. You can also use cedar if you prefer a woodsy smell; this fragrance also has the added benefit of discouraging insects.

How to Line Your Dresser Drawer

An ordinary drawer becomes a magical secret compartment when scented with a liner scented with lavender or bursting with spring colors and floral patterns. While you could line drawers with yesterday's newspapers, there are so many other possibilities. Try leftover fabric or the aforementioned removable wallpaper and oilcloth. As for Martha's favorite option? DIY stainless steel sheeting, which best protects the integrity of utility drawers.

Regardless of the liner medium you select, follow these steps to cut and install each piece into your drawers:

  1. Measure the inside of the drawer to get the dimensions and cut your lining down to size.
  2. If you want some overlay to wrap around the bottom of a shelf, you can tack on an inch or so.
  3. Cut the lining to the right size and affix to your drawer with double-sided tape.
  4. In certain cases, you may even want to apply an adhesive. Heavier liners don't often need to be tacked down and can stay in place at the bottom of a drawer without shifting.


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