She's solved hundreds of cooking conundrums throughout the years—but even Martha knows when to throw her hands up and call for delivery.

Martha Stewart appears in a Postmates commercial.
Credit: Courtesy of Postmates

Nearly any home cook-novice or otherwise-can tell you a horror story about a recipe gone wrong. Maybe you've managed to burn your dinner beyond repair, or 45 minutes into a complex dish you realize you forgot to buy a key ingredient. Another common problem? The meal you've cooked just doesn't taste right. Even Martha knows that some dishes are better left on the stovetop, which is why she's teamed up with Postmates, the popular food delivery service.

Our founder stars in a series of commercials that capture exactly what it feels like when life gets in the way of your dinner plans. Each commercial features Martha cooking some of her signature recipes, but she has to stop each time chaos unfolds for the home cook who is following along. In one spot, a man is preparing to make a pot of spaghetti carbonara, an indulgent dish that requires only the freshest of eggs. As he spreads his ingredients out on the countertop, he reaches for a carton of eggs only to realize that his roommate has eaten them all.

For those of you who have yet to use it, Postmates is a delivery service that operates in more than 3,500 cities across the United States and Mexico. It allows users to order meals and other necessities from more than 500,000 merchants-in New York, nearly all of Martha's favorite to-go lunch spots offer to deliver their meals through Postmates, for example. "Martha was the perfect person to work with on this campaign; she is an icon in food and entertaining, and brings an amazing sense of humor to these spots," says Eric Edge, Postmates' senior vice president of marketing and communications.

Our favorite Martha and Postmates commercial so far is one where Martha sets out to make Thai chicken wings. "First, set the oven to broil… only to remember that's where you keep your sweaters," Martha says, prompting the home cook to sprint for the oven. While a scorched sweater might be beyond repair, try one of our tips for reducing waste the next time this happens to you-and make like Martha by ordering delivery.


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