She tackled the tricky household chore on an episode of The Martha Stewart Show.

By Zee Krstic

While filming The Martha Stewart Show, our founder shared hundreds of housekeeping how-tos and offered easy advice for completing tasks that many viewers needed guidance on. But few household jobs felt as daunting as folding a fitted sheet, and even Martha' attempts to get this tricky form of bedding in order had her audience laughing. As is the case with live segments, viewers got to see how Martha really felt about the seemingly straightforward job, and also received expert advice on how to carefully store fitted sheets in linen closets.

"Sometimes, don't you find, it's the easiest tasks that give you the most problems," Martha said, chuckling before the segment even started. "We polled the studio audiences to see which tasks they'd like to do better. Believe it or not, at the top of the list was folding a fitted sheet." To that end, Martha asked crafting expert Hosanna Houser to share her approach to compactly and neatly folding fitting sheets. "The trick of the trade is to get all of your corners folded up on themselves," Houser said, demonstrating her technique for the audience. "With a corner on each hand, and the inside out facing out, we take our right hand and flip it over onto the corner."

Despite being the authority on the subject, Martha's guest immediately got tangled, and Martha even had to switch sheets with her and start over again. It becomes very clear that the pair are finding the task difficult, and Martha isn't having any of it. "This is what can drive you insane," she said, which sparked lots of laughter from the audience. "It's horrible. This is why I don't use fitted sheets anymore-I mean, it got to be too much."

Nearly everyone in the room (Martha included) took a moment to laugh it out as the trio held crumpled bed sheets in their arms. Eventually, Houser was able to demonstrate how to align the elasticized edges of the sheet, and folded it into a neatly packed square that will stack perfectly in a linen closet. But it seemed that both Martha and her guest are particularly discouraged from using a bedsheet ever again: "We are twisted, doing this over and over again. We are very twisted. I've already lost patience," Martha said.

If watching Houser doesn't leave you feeling confident about folding your bedding, our guide to folding a fitted sheet features a how-to video that you can watch anytime. If you own more than one set of fine bed linens, you'll be able to launder them and place them directly into a linen closet with ease. And if all else fails? "For all of you that are impaired," Martha pointedly says, "I suggest you wash your sheets, dry them, and put them right back on the bed."


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