Give glass bottles, tumblers, and vases one-of-a-kind graphic patterns in metallic tones.
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copper striped glassware containing candles

Conductive copper tape really shines when you take it out of the home-improvement aisle. The metallic find, originally intended for electrical jobs, comes in a wealth of different widths. Grab a variety, and give glass bottles, tumblers, and vases these graphic patterns: Repeat the same tape for neat rings, combine different sizes, or color-block using an extra-thick band.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Coil copper tape around your vessel to measure, cut to fit, and remove the backing.

Step 2

Make ends meet, and stick the landing. (Note: For even spacing, wrap peeled-off backing around your glass to mark the distance between tape stripes. Here, we doubled it for an airier look.)


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