Plus, find out how our founder is teaming up with the popular ride sharing service to give cars a luxurious upgrade.

By Kelly Vaughan
May 15, 2019
Credit: Manny Carabel/Getty Images

After a less than stellar first experience with Uber in 2018, many would have thought that Martha would never want to ride in an Uber again. Instead of turning her back on the popular ride-sharing app, our innovative founder chose to turn a negative experience into a smart, fun business deal. Martha announced her latest partnership with Uber Black on Instagram this morning, which offers a high-end, personalized experience for riders. In an entertaining new commercial, Martha (or rather, "DJ Martha") shares her must-know etiquette tips for riders and shows off the convenience of grabbing an Uber Black to get from the country to the club in a snap. "You've heard of house music, but my style is more housekeeping music. And when I head to a gig, I choose an Uber Black trip so I can request an extra hand with my bags," our founder wrote on Instagram.

This clever promotion is just another way for fans to learn how to live like Martha. Beginning on May 15, Uber will roll out new, luxury features including "Quiet Mode" if you want to take a quick snooze, "Temperature Control," so riders can communicate their preferred temperature, and "Help with Luggage" in case you're carrying a lot of physical baggage. As for her most important piece of etiquette advice for riding in an Uber? Make sure you say something to your driver-even if you're not the chatty type. "I'm usually so busy when I'm taking a car that I'm on my phone, so I often like not talking. If I have a long ride, obviously I'm going to have to say something to the people who are driving, because it would be kind of weird to sit in a car with somebody and not say anything to them," Martha told Town & Country.


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