Plus, find out what most of us choose to give as presents.
Wrapped Mother's Day gift with flowers.
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Cards, flowers, brunch, and heartfelt gift wrapped up with a bow-all of those Mother's Day purchases add up quickly. In 2019, Americans are expected to spend a record amount of money on the mothers in their lives. According to a new report from the National Retail Federation, people shopping for Mother's Day gifts will spend an average of $196 per person, adding up to over $25 billion in sales. That's almost $2 billion more than what shoppers spent on gifts in 2018. If you think about all the components of a perfect Mother's Day, however, it makes total sense.

Most people will gift their mothers (or their wives) a heartfelt card and a bouquet of flowers, which adds up to $2.6 billion in sales alone, but there's a good chance they'll also treat these special women to a meal at their favorite restaurant. Other top choices for presents include gift cards (totaling $2.6 billion in sales), clothing and accessories (totaling $7.5 billion in sales), housewares and gardening tools (totaling $1 billion in sales), and books and music (totaling $544 million in sales).

Spending just under $200 on gifts might seem steep (last year, Americans spent an average of $180 on Mother's Day), but it's important to note the NRF doesn't make it clear if they accounted for shoppers who are making multiple purchases. There could be more than one mother in your life; step-parents and in-laws will also receive gifts this weekend, and many spouses and close friends can safely expect a little token of appreciation, too.

If you're planning on celebrating Mother's Day with your own mom, there's still time to find a gift she'll love-and if you're hunting for an extra gift for a loved one who's a new mother, there are quite a few sweet options that won't break the bank. Better yet, make your own gift, either by treating your mom to a home-cooked meal she'll love or taking a little time to craft a Mother's Day card from scratch. For more ideas that you can pull together before Sunday, get our DIY Mother's Day gifts how-tos here.


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