When an embroidery hoop is outfitted with a fabric pocket, it becomes a wall-mounted organizer for all of your desktop odds and ends.
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Embroidery hoops come in many sizes, marked by their diameter in inches. Larger sizes can hold paintbrushes, scissors, and lightweight notebooks; smaller sizes easily accommodate pens, threads, and needlepoint supplies. For this project, consider first binding the embroidery hoop, which keeps the hoop secure and fabric taut. 

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Untighten the screw to open the embroidery hoop, separating the inner and outer rings. Trace the hoop's outer ring onto felt with a chalk pencil, adding two inches in diameter; cut out circle and set aside.

Step 2

Trace the felt circle cutout onto two sheets of fabric—one for the base and one for the pocket—with a chalk pencil; cut out circles and set aside.

Step 3

Position inner hoop ring onto flat work surface, layer felt cutout centered over it, and add a handful of fiberfill. (Note: The fiberfill will cushion the fabric, resulting in a padded surface that keeps the pocket taut and inside items secure.)

Step 4

Fold the pocket cutout in half as shown. Place pocket onto base fabric aligning the raw edges at the bottom of hoop, and aligning outer hoop ring on top. Secure hoop rings together; trim excess fabric. (Optional: Glue fabric excess to the back of the hoop to permanently secure in place, if desired.)


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