The Best Calming Aids for Dogs and Cats

Dog Sitting on Couch
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From wearable collars to edible treats, interactive toys and air diffusers, these products will keep your pet cool and calm in any stressful situation.

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Dog Sitting on Couch
Sarah Nickerson/Getty

Few things are more trying than dealing with a stressed-out pet. Whether they're anxious because of a car ride, fireworks and loud thunderstorms, or being left alone during the workday, keeping your cat or dog calm and cool during tense times is key to maintaining both of your sanities.

"Our Bichon Frise, Precious, gets very nervous traveling," Robert Leleux, author of The Memoir of a Beautiful Boy

, says. "Fortunately, the veterinarian prescribed puppy sedatives to use during especially long drives and airplane rides. Now everyone can have a lovely and restful trip."

Anxiety can even result in destructive behaviors like digging, scratching, and even result in a pet running away from home. But what to do when stressful situations arise and you don't have time for a quick trip to the vet? "I love CBD oil for my puppies to keep them mellow and calm," says Jenni Kayne. The designer and pet parent to a pair of lop-eared rabbits as well as two dogs, Chachi, a Labradoodle, and Tag, an Italian Spinone, also depends on some old-school essentials—rope chew toys and cozy dog beds—to "keep them happy and comfortable" when she and her family are away from home.

Searching for an easy way to keep your own four-legged family member composed the next time you're stuck in a stressful situation? We scoured the online marketplace and gathered an assortment of soothing items all designed to naturally appease your pet. From relaxing chew toys to a calming liner for cat carriers, read ahead for more than ten of the best anxiety-reducing pet products that won't require a trip to the vet.

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Calming Dog Toy

purple Busy Buddy Calming Dog Toy
Courtesy of Chewy

Never underestimate the calming power of a thoughtfully designed dog toy. This interactive rubber toy is scented with soothing notes of chamomile to help relieve your dog's anxiety while they chew.

Busy Buddy Calming Dog Toy, $20,


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Crate Liner

Safe & Sound Cat Crate Liner
Courtesy of Pet Acoustics

Let's face it: Most cats don't like car rides. Luckily, Pet Acoustics designed this comforting crate and carrier liner for cats to help reduce motion and vibrations during transport.

Pet Acoustics Safe & Sound Cat Crate Liner, $99,


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Calming Scent Diffuser

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser for Dogs
Courtesy of HealthyPets

Looking for an easy and all-natural way to keep your pup's separation anxiety at bay while you're away at work? Simply plug an one of these diffusers into a wall outlet to release canine-appeasing pheromones into the air and keep your dog relaxed during the day.

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser for Dogs, $30,


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Cuddler Pet Bed

Brushed Canvas Cuddler Pet Bed
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Have them snuggle in this bolstered style cuddler bed with removable base cushion.

Martha Stewart Brushed Canvas Cuddler Pet Bed, $70,


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Lick Pad

lick pad
Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

The only thing worse than a dog that gets fussy in the bathtub, is a big one. Spread a little bit of pup's favorite sticky treat, such as peanut butter, along this savvy silicone lick pad and they'll stay entertained during bath time.

Bed, Bath & Beyond Large Lick Lick Pad, $15,


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Calming Chews for Dogs

bag of Well & Good Calming Chews
Courtesy of Petco

Searching for the perfect treat to reward your pooch with next time you need go to the groomer? These chicken-flavored soft chews reduce tension and nervousness in dogs in about a half an hour, so you can give one to your pup before it goes in for a haircut or a nail trim.

Well & Good Calming Chews, $13.49 for 60,


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Calming Chews for Cats

bag of Vertriscience calming cat chews
Courtesy of Chewy

Nobody likes to take a nervous cat on a car ride. These vet-formulated treats are made with calming ingredients, like L-Theanine and Thiamine, that naturally lower stress levels in felines, especially ones triggered by environmental factors, like a trip in the car.

VetriScience Composure Behavioral Health Bite-Sized Cat Chews, $7,


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Leather Rope Toy

Jenni Kayne Leather Rope Toy
Courtesy of Jenni Kayne

A good old-fashioned chew toy can go a long way when you're trying to calm down your pup. This double-rope toy boasts a leather grip so it's easy to handle and more importantly, hard to destroy.

Jenni Kayne Leather Rope Toy, $35,


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Calming Collar

blue Sentry calming collar
Courtesy of Sentry

Dealing with a dog that gets freaked out by loud noises, like thunder and fireworks? This calming collar contains a pheromone that is scientifically proven to alleviate fear and anxiety in canines—and the bad behaviors, like barking and spraying, they create.

Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs, $18,


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Pheromone Spray

Thunderease cat calming spray can
Courtesy of ThunderEase

If your cat has a tendency to scratch up your furniture when it's stressed, then we have the solution for you. This all-natural spray mimics feline facial pheromones—the ones you cat releases when it rubs its face on something—that can help reduce stress in cats (and the subsequent scratching).

ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray, $20,


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Pet Bed

Pendleton striped dog bed
Courtesy of Pendleton

Studies show that a familiar smell can work wonders for reducing animal anxiety. A designated bed for a dog or cat, especially one that's comfortable and easy on the eyes like this striped fleece stunner, will instantly make your pets feel at ease—even in the car.

Pendleton Medium National Park Dog Bed, in Glacier Park, $119,


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Squeaky and Chew Toys

Corduroy Squirrel Dog Toy & Rope Dog Toy
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Never underestimate the power of good chew toy, especially when you'll be gone all day. When your pet is feeling anxious, they'll feel better occupying themselves with a set of toys like this squirrel and rope dumbbell.

Martha Stewart Corduroy Squirrel Dog Toy, $7.99; Martha Stewart Rope Dog Toy Dumbbell, $6.99;


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