These easy-to-make holders will give your potted plants—and your porch—a lift.

hanging plants
Credit: Johnny Fogg

We love a modern macramé planter, the boho maxi dress of the botanical world, for hanging up plants on a porch or patio. But sometimes a fern needs a mod little shift instead. That's where these leather numbers swoop in, just in time for outdoor entertaining season. Like any suspended holder, they guarantee good drainage and keep vines and tendrils out of curious pets' and toddlers' reach. But in addition to their sleek good looks, they have a practical advantage over macramé, too: Leather is stronger and weathers the elements better than natural rope or yarn does.

To give your hanging garden variety, we created two different styles of hangers: one with a cuff-style wrap, and one with vertical straps. Both are simple-and sustainable-to make. We cut these strips of colored leather out of items we found at a thrift store. (You can also check the scrap bin at your local fabric store, or try And we invented a trick to help you cut out the cuff-style pattern.


To make a cuff holder for any size pot, lay down your leather wrong-side up. Put the pot on top on its side, and roll it across. The top and bottom edges will score the hide with an arc that has just the right curve to wrap neatly around it. Then trim it to the width you want.

Beyond the leather template for your strapped or wrapped holder, all you'll need are leather or cotton cord in a matching color, a craft punch, scissors, and, depending on the style you pick, some brass brads, and a ruler or epoxy.

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August 15, 2020
November 2, 2019
M Stewart has wonnnderful ideas..... Sadly I don't see pictures of the finished product . Please provide at least 1 picture for the DIY projects. Thanks
June 9, 2019
Would it be possible to have the identity of the top plant in this image? I believe the nickname is "tiger paw" but I am not sure. You have inspired me to create the hanger, but I would also like to find the plant. I believe it is also planted as a ground cover so I did not know if could be a hanging plant. Thank you so much for these details!
May 29, 2019
I love Martha and usually find great instructions for her projects. However, this project needs more directions.