To keep curious kids and adventurous pets from grabbing at your favorite plants, hanging holders are a must-have. This leather-wrapped iteration is as sleek and interesting as it is functional.
wrapped leather planter

While there's nothing wrong with a classic macramé plant hanger, that boho look may not go with the rest of your interior design. For a sleeker look, consider a leather plant hanger. Making one is simlpe: All you need is a piece of leather, leather or cotton cord, a craft punch, scissors, and, depending on the style you pick—strapped or wrapped (as pictured here)—some brads and a ruler or epoxy.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Lay down the leather wrong-side up. Put pot on top on its side, and roll it across. The top and bottom edges of the pot will score the leather with a rainbow-shaped arc that has just the right curve to wrap neatly around it. Trim it to the width you want for your cuff.

Step 2

Cut out the arc shape, making sure it is long enough for the ends to overlap by an inch. Use Japanese hole punch to make four evenly spaced holes along the top of the arch. Feed cord through holes.

Step 3

Wrap the arc shape around the pot, punch holes into the overlapping section at ends, and secure together with brads.

Step 4

Knot the cord ends and hang.


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