These hanging holders are a sleek way to keep vines and tendrils out of curious pets' and toddlers' reach.
strapped leather planter

We love a modern macramé planter, the boho maxi dress of the botanical world. But sometimes a fern needs a mod little shift instead. The supplies for a leather plant hanger are simple: a piece of leather, leather or cotton cord, a craft punch, scissors, and, depending on the style you pick—wrapped or strapped (as pictured here)—some brads and a ruler or epoxy.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Place pot in center of leather. Trace a circle around bottom of pot with pencil.

Step 2

Put one end of ruler in center of circle. Trace edges of ruler outside circle, drawing two parallel lines the length of your pot's height. (For instance, if your pot is 4 inches tall, the lines you trace outside the circle should be 4 inches long—and 4 inches past the circumference of the circle.) Repeat on opposite side, then perpendicular to the lines you created. When you finish, you will have what looks like a circle with a cross shape behind it.

Step 3

Cut the shape you've drawn out of the leather. Fold down the end of each strap, and secure it with epoxy to create a loop you can thread your cord through. Let dry completely.

Step 4

Cut cord to desired length, thread through loops, knot, and hang.


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