Martha Reveals Her Favorite Snacks—and They'll Surprise You!

Plus, learn which comfort food our founder never eats.

On a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show, actress Jennifer Garner made it clear that she's one of Martha's biggest fans, answering questions about her morning routine and a recent issue of Martha Stewart Living. The one question that stumped her? Martha's favorite snacks. When Dr. Oz questioned Garner about the indulgences Martha loves, we were all surprised to learn that while most people crave salty bites like chips and popcorn or sweets like cookies and candy, our founder reaches for something entirely different.

"Oh no, nothing bad-I love a piece of pickled herring, it's so, so good. I also eat liverwurst," Martha shared with the audience. Garner, on the other hand, was in disbelief: "A piece of pickled herring is your ultimate guilty snack?! Martha! Okay."

Dr. Oz also asked Martha about her love for American cheese, which she confirmed as one of the tastiest snacks she'll indulge in from time to time. "It's that kind that's wrapped in plastic-oh my gosh, it's such a guilty pleasure," Martha said.

As for Garner's guilty pleasures? She's a big fan of chocolate and pizza, which are definitely on many people's list of amazing comfort food. But that's not really Martha's style. "I have never ordered a pizza in," she told Dr. Oz."What, do you make it yourself?" he asked. "No, I don't eat it!"

Garner also wasn't aware of the fact that Martha enjoys a glass of freshly made green juice every morning, which isn't so much a "guilty pleasure" as it is just an all-time favorite. You can make the same blend at home, too: it calls for fresh pears, cucumbers, celery, parsely, and ginger. Check out more of Martha's springtime favorites right here-as well as her recipe for pierogi, another comfort favorite she loves to make herself.

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