Plus, learn how our founder and the actress first became friends.
Martha Stewart on Dr. Oz Show
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Actress Jennifer Garner-who recently turned her lifelong passion for gardening and farming into an organic baby food line called Once Upon a Farm-just might be Martha Stewart's biggest fan. While appearing on an episode of the Dr. Oz Show this week, Garner told Oz how she first became a fan of Martha's.

"I grew up in a house where my mom made everything that we ate… and you can't help but do what your mom did," Garner told the audience. "When I was a young actress and just starting out, I would have auditions in the morning, but I would come back [home] and make myself lunch. I would watch [Martha's] first cooking show-back before she had a talk show or anything like that...I was dying to be on that show with her, even though I was nobody to be on there."

Martha and Garner eventually connected over-what else!-a shared love of pets and animals. In 2018, the duo cooked together on one of Martha's Facebook Live episodes, where they created the ultimate BLT sandwich as well as a stunning peach pie. She also taught the actress how to make what is arguably the most important meal of the year: "[Martha] taught me how to make Thanksgiving," Garner said. "We did Thanksgiving together and it has been the Thanksgiving that I've made for my family every year-and it's been 20 years."

But Garner wasn't ready for Dr. Oz's surprise: In the middle of a making one of Garner's signature smoothies, Martha appeared with some flaxseeds and a handful of steel, reusable straws to help the pair finish off the recipe. The two immediately started chatting about their love for animals-and how Martha inspired Garner to house a few chickens of her own, including Ameraucana chickens, Blue Copper Maran chickens, and another variety colloquially known as "Easter Egger" chickens.

"You know, I have chickens because of you," Garner says, before Martha added, "I know, you caught my attention...I see that you have the blue, brown, green eggs that I also have. It showed up somewhere on my Instagram, so I have started to look at some of your stuff," Martha says.

Garner shared that she sings to her chickens, which Martha admittedly does as well: "I talk different 'talk' to every animal I have," our founder told Dr. Oz. "My dogs have one language, my cats have another, they all come to me and they all love me-just like Jennifer."

Despite admitting to being one of her biggest fans, Garner had the chance to learn one of Martha's signature tips on the show: How to separate an egg. Martha demonstrated how to separate egg yolks from the whites by hand, which is easily achieved by transferring the yolk from one eggshell to another over a mixing bowl. But Dr. Oz definitely needed a little more help-and Garner proved she's been paying attention to Martha's tips all along. "Mines pretty good, don't you think?" Oz asks Martha. "No, you broke it-look at that!" Martha exclaims. "[Jennifer] didn't break hers."

Finally, Martha says separating yolks is much easier if you keep a nearby washcloth on your kitchen counter, which comes in handy when doing a whole lot more than just cracking eggs. "Here's another little hint-I keep these little cloths on my counter," Martha says. "Do you, Jennifer?"

"I know you do, because I've cooked with you," Garner answers. "And yes, I do, because I want to be like you." Don't we all? To see more of Martha's visit on the Dr. Oz Show, visit the show's website here.


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