The best part of any trip is the memories you make—and now there's an even better way to capture them in real time.

Martha Stewart on a cruise.

It's safe to say that Martha knows a thing or two about traveling: Our founder has visited some of the most beautiful locations around the world and recently announced a new partnership with MSC Cruises. That's why we're always excited to hear about her travel must-haves. While we know that Martha believes that packing light is the best way to go (she says that a duffel bag is all you need for your belongings!), we recently learned that this philosophy extends to her vacation gear, too. Namely, her camera.

On a recent trip to Cuba with family and friends, including photographer Douglas Friedman, Martha had the chance to test a new video camera that is compact enough to fit into a small purse or even your pant pocket. She even shared one of the videos the group captured while riding in a vintage convertable washed in a "Chevy bright yellow" hue.


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