10 Things You Can DIY Using Leftover Scraps of Fabric

Photo: James Ransom

Whether you sew, quilt, or make to sell, you're bound to have plenty of leftovers. But wait! Before you decide to swap, sell, donate, or discard them altogether, reconsider those fabric scraps. Unlike some craft supplies that expire, fabric will keep for years with proper storage. It's a good idea to keep a basket full of your scraps of fabric because you never know when a project idea will come your way. The accumulation of colors and prints means that you have so much to choose from, and you can certainly make good use of your leftover fabric for other projects.

We have plenty of projects that you can do to make use of your leftovers. These ideas work as gifts for yourself, your friends, and your family. You have a combination of accessories, decorations, and practical applications that will help you to get through those scraps of fabric in no time. Waste not, want not.

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diy scrunchies
Shanna Sullivan

Scrunchies were a go-to accessory for many of us in middle school. Bring back an old favorite from the '80s and '90s by sewing your fabric scraps into hair scrunchies. These also make great gifts for your friends!

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Sleep Mask

Bryan Gardner

Get some much-needed rest with this easy-to-sew sleep masks. You can use leftover cotton flannel fabric, or any soft fabric that blocks the light. These sleep masks also make thoughtful gifts for any family members or friends who need some shut-eye.

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Drawstring Pouches


Scraps of fabric become little pouches that can hold trinkets, treats, and messages. Use contrasting patterns or matching colors to sew pouches made from your leftover fabric scraps. The drawstring helps to keep the contents of the pouch secure.

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Jewelry Bags

quilted jewelry roller fabric
Lennart Weibull

Put your fabric scraps to good use by sewing them into a quilted jewelry roll. It's a unique and convenient way to organize your jewelry. Thin, tight-weave cotton ribbon holds your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in place. A matching drawstring pouch is perfect for rings.

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Flower Pin

James Ransom

Leftover shirting fabric is ideal for this sewing craft. Trace and cut petals from the fabric stack them into a flower shape. A circle of felt can be the center of the flower and holds it together. Sew a pin into the back of it.

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Fragrant Sachets


Leftover fabric is great to use for making small fragrant sachets. Have a variety of patterns, colors, and shapes to choose from. They're as pretty as they are sweet smelling.

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Stuffed Animals


Well-loved stuffed animals will suffer from injuries from time to time. Leftover fabric scraps can be used to sew on patches. Make the patches look like little hearts with either your child's name or their name for the stuffed animal.

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Clothing Patches


Give sweaters more mileage for the wear by sewing on patches over frayed elbows. Choose fabric scraps that complement the sweater for the most stylish effect. It's a modern twist on the tweedy professor sweater look. Or opt for sequined embellishments for added shine.

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Upcycled Bangle Bracelets

James Ransom

Repurpose scraps of fabric into cool and colorful bangles. Simple floral, graphic, or plaid cottons are best for the bright, fun accessories.

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Patch-Pocket Napkin

pocket napkin
Lennart Weibull

Sew pockets onto napkins that become a perfect place for place cards. The pockets are also a rather cute decorative touch for the dinner table. With the pockets, you can add small party favors, too.

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