10 Gifts That Preserve a Loved One's Handwriting


A single scrawl of ink from pen to paper inspires all kinds of gifts from embroidered suit ties to scrapbooks and framed family trees.

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Handwriting could soon become a lost art. Think about how much time we spend on our smartphones and computers. We type everything from emails to homework to novels. Very few of us spend countless hours at the writing desk with a pen and paper. And yet, children still learn basic handwriting skills in school and cursive is making a comeback. Pen pals are exchanging custom correspondences. It simply proves what we've known all along—that handwriting is very personal.

That isn't to say that writing a letter on a computer is not heartfelt, but that it lacks the physical connection of pen and paper. Handwriting requires a different skill set than typing on a keyboard. It also feels different in a way that is difficult to explain. We pour more of ourselves into a handwritten note than we do in a typed email. We still prize paper notebooks and splurge on quality ink pens for making handwritten notes. We enjoy paper, the feel of it in our hands, the connection between thoughts, the pen, and the paper beneath it.

To receive someone's signature is to know more about their personality—whether it be whimsical and light or big and bold. It provides the perfect inspiration for a personalized gift from gift-giver to the recipient. Try any one of our handmade crafts such as embroidered monograms and accessories, lettered prints, scrapbooks, family tree murals, and framed keepsakes. Whether it be a loved one's signature or your own—handwriting, drawings, fingerprints, and doodles ensure that your creation is truly one of a kind.

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Embroidered Napkins


Make a lasting impression: Let napkins double as place cards, with the guest's name stitched in handwritten penmanship. As your family grows with births and marriages, welcome each new member to the table with one of his or her own.

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Heirloom Tea Towels

Tea Towels Made From Handwritten Recipes

You can transfer your handwritten recipes onto fabric to preserve the handwriting. First, you create a design from the handwritten cards that you will upload to Spoonflower. Then, you will order the fabric and sew the tea towels.

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Hand-Lettered Family Tree


Write people's names by hand and form them into the shape of a tree. For a small family tree, you will need to use smaller paper and smaller lettering. But if you want to frame a larger family tree, you should definitely utilize larger paper and write in larger script.

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Embroidered Christmas Stocking

mantle blue wall stocking
Janelle Jones

The holidays are a special occasion for this giftable keepsake. Turn your handwriting into a holiday heirloom. You can stitch one for every member of the family.

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Recipe Cards


Long after the recipe has been committed to memory, you still treasure the yellowing card on which it was written in your mother's or grandmother's script. One way to protect these heirlooms from kitchen spills and smudges is by laminating them. Tie a bundle in pretty ribbon, plus a pie plate, a pie server, and a pastry cutter, for a delicious gift.

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Family Dessert Book

Anna Williams

Never forget how to make Grandma's famous peach cobbler again! Store all of your handwritten family dessert recipes in this beautiful book that you can hold as a family keepsake. Baker's twine and a bone folder help with binding the book.

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Embroidered Suit Tie

two neckties in orange boxes with love embroidered on them
Lennart Weibull

Looking for a gift that'll make him smile? The loop of fabric on the back of his necktie is just the spot for a secret message he can keep close to his heart.

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Family Scrapbooks

Johnny Miller

Scrapbooking is one of the first crafts we think of when it comes to preserving handwriting. Not only can you place handwritten letters and notes in the scrapbook from the people in your life, but you can also write stories in your handwriting. Scrapbooking is open to so much possibility.

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Cards and Printed Art


Signed cards make for beautiful personalized stationery. With someone's handwriting, these charmingly old-fashioned notes look as sweet as the messages they convey.

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Iron-On Tote Bag


Preserve your children's artwork and handwriting in a tote bag made just for you. When they are older, it will be like looking in a time capsule to see what they used to work on and their thoughts at school. Memories from their children are preserved with this fun scrapbook idea.

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