According to AAA's recent survery, families still love to travel to this stateside destination.
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According to the American Automobile Association's annual summer travel survey, more than 100 million Americans are planning to take a family vacation this year. While some parents intend to take their children to beautiful destinations abroad, a large number of us prefer to vacation in the United States. In fact, Orlando, Florida, home to theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, is the most popular place to visit between June 1 and August 15.

While a stateside destination took home the top spot, many of the other locations cited in the AAA survey are international. London has jumped four spots from last year's survey to earn second place on the list. Elsewhere in Europe, Americans plan to visit Rome, Dublin, and Paris. For those looking for an international travel spot that's just a little closer to home, put Vancouver on your radar-the Canadian city is the fourth most popular place to visit.

As for the other American cities that families are most excited to visit this summer, all are known for their natural beauty and fair weather. In the Northwest, Seattle came in the seventh spot, immediately followed by Anchorage, Alaska, and Honolulu.

"Millions of Americans are making plans for summer vacations, visiting famous landmarks in Europe, family attractions stateside, and anything in between," Paula Twidale, vice president of AAA Travel, said in the press release. "AAA recommends travelers plan ahead and book early… to maximize your vacation experience, saving time and money so you can focus on making vacation memories that will last well after summer fades away."

For the full list, check out the AAA's official announcement. Wherever you decide to visit this summer, spending time with your family is a must, even if you can only make it out to a local park or to a nearby beach-keep these activities in mind wherever your vacation takes you.


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