A great skincare regimen is the true secret to a gorgeous complexion.
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We all know that there are lots of tricks you can employ to help make your complexion look radiant, even-toned, and smooth. But tricks really aren't your only option. While a good foundation and bronzer can certainly help, the best way to achieve smooth, glowing skin is by finding a great skincare regimen—one that will help you feel like your most gorgeous self without a drop of makeup on. Perfecting your skincare regimen is just half of it, though. Once you nail down your routine, you should also consider a few healthy lifestyle changes that will reinforce the work of your skincare products and give you a radiant complexion from within.

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Make positive changes and stay dedicated, and you'll be able to see brighter skin in one to three weeks, says celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech, who counts Carey Mulligan and Daphne Oz as clients. (Three weeks is the average time it takes for our skin cells to turn over naturally, she says, so be sure to give your new routine a little time.) Here, Czech shares the advice she gives to her A-list clients so that you can get glowing skin on your own.


The first step is to thoroughly cleanse. Leftover makeup, sweat, and particles from the air will clog pores and lead to an unhealthy complexion. Czech recommends double cleansing twice weekly in the evening, which consists of first using an oil-based cleanser, like Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser ($48, sephora.comor Environ Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil (price upon request, environskincare.com), to remove makeup and sebum, and following with a gentle creamy cleanser, like Biologique Recherche Lait VIP 02 ($169, amazon.com), to refresh the skin. In the morning, you can just use a mild, creamy cleanser or even rinse with water.

Balance and Micro-Exfoliate

Having a balanced pH will keep your skin normal—neither too dry nor too oily. In the fall and winter, Czech recommends using a micro-exfoliator to balance the pH of your skin, like Biologique Recherche P50V 1970 (price upon request, brspa.com). In the spring and summer, a light rosewater spray, like Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rose Water ($65, bluemurcuery.com), will do the trick.


In the morning, a vitamin C product will add radiance, even your skin tone, and protect from aging environmental stressors. Czech recommends Environ Intense C Boost Mela Even Cream (price upon request, shoprescuespa.com).

Boost Collagen

In the evenings, a serum with the gentlest form of retinol, retinyl palmitate, will boost collagen production, leading to firmer skin and decreased wrinkles, pore size, and acne. Czech likes Environ C-Quence Serum 1 ($175, amazon.com).


Staying hydrated with omegas 3, 6, and 9 will keep the outer barrier of your skin healthy and able to better withstand the outside elements. Czech recommends a cocktail of moisturizing products, like Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream ($265, violetgrey.com) and Biologique Recherche Crème Masque Vernix ($279, amazon.com) mixed with Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum ($185, violetgrey.com).

Set Your Products with an Ice Cube

You can either put an ice cube on top of a sheet mask to help the ingredients penetrate more deeply, Czech says, or just apply it to your face after completing your skincare regimen to "seal in" your products and impart an immediate glow.

Consider Using an LED Mask

If you're really dedicated, invest in Deesse LED Light Therapy Pro Mask ($2,193, deessepro.com), Czech says, as it can boost collagen production, calm sensitized skin, and give your complexion a huge radiance boost overall.

Increase Your Circulation

Bringing more oxygen to the skin will lead to healthier skin. Czech recommends doing a facial massage daily for five minutes. "It stimulates blood flow, brings hemoglobin and oxygen to the skin, and therefore makes the skin brighter," she says.

Get a Little Sun

"We have been taught to slather ourselves with sunscreen to protect from dangerous rays, which can cause cancer," Czech says. "While cancer can be an issue if you are out in the sun for significant amounts of time in a sunny climate, sunscreen blocks our skin from making vitamin D, and this can have worse ramifications. Sunlight, on the other hand, triggers the release of nitric acid, serotonin, and endorphins, which are all important compounds for the body, and can, in some cases, counter the risks of diseases including cancer, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, heart attacks, stroke, and depression, among others. If you are indoors for most of the day, you really don't need sunscreen. If you are outdoors in a sunny climate for a significant amount of time, Apply SPF 20 or 30 more frequently. SPF that is higher than 30 has many more chemicals and can clog the pores."

Fill Your Diet with Foods Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

"Eat foods that contain antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and zinc," Czech says. Think: berries, sweet potatoes, carrots, kiwi, papaya, salmon, avocado, pumpkin seeds, and Brazil nuts. Stay away from processed foods, sugar, and dairy, all of which can have an aging, dulling effect on the skin.


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