Painted Wicker Sofa

Take woven furniture out of the Golden Girls sunroom and into a modern setting by replacing the standard white with an unexpected hue—and using a sprayer to coat your piece in a nice, even layer of paint.

painted wicker sofa living room

Editor's Note: The benefit of using a paint sprayer is any paint color or formula works in it. Spray paints come in a range of colors, but the selection is more limited.

What You'll Need


  1. Choose a well-ventilated work area, ideally outside, where you will have plenty of room to walk around the sofa.

  2. Dilute a bit of detergent in water. Use a soft-bristle brush to gently scrub sofa all over with detergent mixture. Let dry completely.

  3. Line floor with rosin paper and tape it down, or lay down drop cloths. Cover nearby items or walls with paper or drop cloths to catch overspray. Set sofa on top of protected surface.

  4. Fill sprayer with paint (or with primer for first coat, if your paint does not contain primer), or shake spray paint can for a full minute to mix paint properly. Following manufacturer instructions (especially how far back from the sofa to stand); spray sofa with a thin coat of paint. Let dry completely.

  5. Walk around sofa, inspecting it from different angles for bare spots.

  6. Repeat, covering sofa with two to three thin coats of paint and making sure to cover bare spots. Let dry completely.

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