Durable spray paint in a pop-of-color hue, like this golden yellow, gives a classic counter stool new life.
blue painted cabinets yellow stool

Editor's note: Heavy-duty spray paint dries to a hard and chip-resistant finish. For even more durability, take your item to an auto shop to be professionally powder-coated. 

For another DIY, try your hand at our Painted Cabinets project (pictured above) to pair with your stool.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Choose a well-ventilated work area, ideally outdoors, where you will have plenty of space. Line floor with rosin paper and tape it down, or lay down drop cloths. Cut open a large box at a corner and set it up like a screen to catch overspray, or cover nearby items or walls with rosin paper or drop cloths. Position stool in protected area. Remove padded stool seat and back.

Step 2

Read label on spray paint and stand as far back from stool as it specifies. Shake can for a full minute to mix paint properly.

Step 3

Start spraying off to one side of stool, then move across and past it in an even stroke. Do not stop moving. Keep going back and forth until stool is covered in a thin coat of paint, walking around stool or adjusting cardboard to cover all sides evenly. Let paint dry completely.

Step 4

Repeat one to two times until stool is evenly covered, letting paint dry completely after each coat. Replace padded stool seat and back.


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