We turned a tag-sale fire screen into a striking accessory by covering it with heat-resistant copper spray paint.
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white brick fireplace with painted cover

For another project, refurbish the Painted Fireplace (pictured above) to pair with your fire screen.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Choose a well-ventilated work area, ideally outside. Line the floor or a large shop table with a scrap of cardboard, rosin paper, or drop cloth. Cut box open at a corner and arrange it to catch overspray, or cover surrounding items and walls with rosin paper or drop cloths, if necessary. Stand fire screen up on protected work surface.

Step 2

Read label on spray paint and stand as far back from the fire screen as it specifies. Shake can for a full minute to mix paint properly.

Step 3

Start spraying off to one side of fire screen, then move across and past it in an even stroke. Do not stop moving. Keep going back and forth until fire screen is covered in a thin coat of paint, making sure to cover top and side edges. Let paint dry completely. Repeat one to two times until fire screen is evenly covered, letting paint dry completely after each coat.

Step 4

Lie screen down to spray paint bottom edge, using the same method as above. Let dry completely.


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