Lily's Kitchen, a UK-based brand that produces organic, eco-friendly pet food, just received an official stamp of approval from the royal family.
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For the first time in over 20 years, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have granted a Royal Warrant (which signifies that the royal family uses their products in their own home) to a new line of pet food that focuses on organic ingredients and eco-friendly production practices. The pair have been using products from Lily's Kitchen, a UK-based pet food brand that produces options for both cats and dogs, for more than five years after adopting their own dogs from a rescue shelter, Beth and Bluebell.

Prince Charles formally issued the prestigious designation to the brand this week, which means that Lily Kitchen's can now advertise that they have the support of the royal family. For Henrietta Morrison, the founder of Lily's Kitchen who started the organic, eco-friendly brand just about 10 years ago in her own kitchen, it's a big endorsement on behalf of her commitment to sustainability and wholesome nutrition for pets as well.

"All dogs really deserve proper food, not just the Royal ones," Morrison told The Telegraph. "We're absolutely delighted to have that recognition that we're working to a higher standard."

The royals are known for their love of pets, from Queen Elizabeth's long adoration of her corgis to Meghan Markle's beagle, Guy. It's no surprise that Prince Charles and Camilla turned to Lily's in the hopes of finding better pet food alternatives when they adopted Beth and Bluebell. Lily's line of pet food products include items like "an English garden party" and "fishy fish pie with peas," as well as a line of bedtime biscuits, snacks and treats (like their "organic bedtime biscuits"), and even training treats.

According to the Telegraph, Prince Charles is committed to organic food and has long used locally-raised, sustainable ingredients in his kitchen-even when it comes to feeding the family pets. Given that certified organic pet foods (those bearing the USDA Organic logo in the United States) often meet the same guidelines for organic food production for humans, these kinds of pet foods skip the pesticides or antibiotics, and they're preserved with natural substances like Vitamins C and E.

Lily's is currently only available in the United Kingdom, but a spokesman for the company tells the Telegraph that it will start expanding its offerings to customers in France, Italy, Germany, and other nations in Asia. To find organic pet foods in the United States, keep an eye out for USDA's Organic labeling on pet food products; visit the Association of American Feed Control Officials for more information.


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