After six months of renovations, the home is finally ready for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

April 05, 2019
royal couple
Credit: WPA Pool

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are officially at home in Windsor.

Their country home is designed to be a breath of fresh air. After more than six months of work, Frogmore Cottage-some 25 miles west of London-has been meticulously renovated from a staff residence once set up as multiple apartments into a single-family home of about five bedrooms.

Complete with a new green-energy center, springy "floating floor" (perfect for yoga) and nontoxic paint, the cottage marries English and California style.

"They'll enjoy it much more in Windsor," says a family friend. "They feel claustrophobic in their place in Kensington Palace."

Insiders say the couple have been overseeing last-minute touches, including bookcases built into alcoves and a custom kitchen and dining room, where Harry plans to "do some entertaining," including hunting parties, says one pal.

With its lush gardens, green fields and serene lake, the grounds of Windsor-home to Windsor Castle, a primary residence for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip-offers endless acres to roam with the couple's two dogs and new baby.

"It has the most amazing mulberry walk, where we would pick mulberries for Prince Philip's mulberry gin," says a former palace staffer. "And when the Queen is there on a Sunday afternoon, it is a five-minute walk up the hill for tea with Granny. It is gorgeous."

A royal source previously told PEOPLE that Windsor "has more space for children" and "has a special place in their hearts." After all, it's where Harry and Meghan snapped their engagement portraits and subsequently celebrated their nighttime wedding reception in May.

"I presume it must be nice to get out and away. Without neighbors who are all either family or staff [at Kensington Palace], they will now have their own thing," says a longtime friend.

Over at the Two Brewers pub-the closest to the couple's home-patrons Frank Nowell and Mark Bond are ready to welcome the newest royal residents with open arms and a few pints.

"It's absolutely beautiful here," says Nowell, who grew up in the area. "You know, that's why the Queen owns it! I just think they'll have a lovely life. And they've got a nice pub to come to. Can't beat that, can you?"


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