These thin-skinned berries are a terrific addition to tarts and crumbles—and Martha explains why.
gooseberry crumble martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries may be the marquee names in the berry world-but there's another berry out there that deserves your attention. Next time you're at a farmer's market where berries are on display, keep an eye out for gooseberries. They're thin-skinned, red or green fruits shaped like mini globes. Their tart flavor is somewhat similar to rhubarb (green gooseberries are more sour than red)-and, like rhubarb, they're a fantastic partner for other, more sweet, berries.

It probably comes as no surprise that Martha grows gooseberries in her berry garden, and has come up with some amazing ways to incorporate them into a range of desserts, from fools to tartlets. Now, she shares a recipe for little gooseberry-raspberry crumbles that is both familiar and unusual. She gently tosses the gooseberries with raspberries, divides them into eight mini baking dishes, and tops them with a classic crumble mixture. Butter, flour, brown sugar, salt, and nutmeg work their magic over the fruit, and when the crumbles come out of the oven they're bubbling and golden brown. The only thing this simple yet unexpected dessert needs at the end is a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Watch Martha Bakes this weekend for the season finale and learn all about farm-grown and foraged berries from berry expert, Franca Tantillo; and see Martha also make an eye-catching, festive blueberry "bandanna" tart and a mouthwatering berry frangipane phyllo tart.

Gooseberry-Raspberry Crumbles

This easy-to-make crumble combines slightly sharp-tasting gooseberries with sweet raspberries-and a bit of nutmeg in the topping adds a touch of warmth.

blueberry bandanna tart martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter

Blueberry "Bandanna" Tart

A combination of mashed and whole blueberries gives this pie's filling just the right balance of smooth and chunky, and a beautiful cut-out crust keeps everything tidy (and quite lovely-looking).

blueberry frangipane martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter

Berry Frangipane Phyllo Tart

Use any mix of berries you wish, from blackberries to blueberries to raspberries, to make this phyllo tart. They lay atop a pastry cream made with ground hazelnuts, sugar and eggs that's the perfect match for the sweet berries.

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