Our barely-there picks amplify your lips in a fresh, born-with-it way.
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nude lip glosses
Credit: Peter Ardito

You may not have landed on the right shade of nude lipstick yet, but that doesn't mean there isn't a look out there that's right for you. As simple as the concept of nude lipstick is, choosing the right shade can be surprisingly tricky. Consider one that simply enhances your natural lip tone, as these products can be incorporated into any beauty routine with ease. What's the secret to finding the shade for you? Sheer coverage gives you some wiggle room with color, but if you're truly aiming to find a natural hue that accentuates your complexion, try actually matching the product to the inside of your lower lip, says Mally Roncal, a New York City-based makeup artist to the stars. "You'll know right away if you're more peach or plum," Roncal says.

For a polished look with staying power, she adds, apply a neutral pencil all over, then smooth gloss onto your lower lip only, and say "ma" to transfer it to the top. Here, five editor-approved glosses below-each comes in a range of different tones and shades, but we're highlighting the best nudes among them.

For Lighter Lip Tones

Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine incorporates a non-drying formula that comes in eight different shades. We love "True Nude," a subtle neutral that hydrates lips naturally. Another favorite? Mally Beauty's "Time to Shine" lip gloss in "Mad for Mauve," a rich, lilac-adjacent shade of nude, comes in a luscious formula that incorporates coconut oil into its base. For something that's subtle but still makes a statement, reach for Clinique's take on a nude gloss called "Pop Splash."It features a high-shine finish that will last through drinks and dinner.

For Deeper Tones

Maybelline's "Vivid Hot" Lacquer liquid lip gloss comes in a couple of nude colors, but "Charmer" is akin to smooth chocolate tones and outshines its lighter companion. If you're hunting for a subtle pink hue, look no further-the color experts at Tom Ford have nailed it with their "Tawny Pink" Ultra Shine lip gloss.


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