Home Sweet Martha: A Look Inside All of Martha Stewart's Homes

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From New York City to the Connecticut countryside, Martha Stewart has called a number of gorgeous places home over the years. Take a look at all of her properties, both past and present.

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It should come as no surprise that Martha Stewart has impeccable taste in picking a place to call home. Over the years, she's owned more than a handful of different properties, and though each home was unique in its own right, they're all also distinctly Martha.

Her Turkey Hill farmstead in Connecticut is what many consider Martha's most iconic home even though she hasn't lived there since 2007. She purchased the historic farmhouse in the early '70s, and while renovating the home and the land that surrounded it, Martha first began to explore her passion for housewares. Since then, she's also put down roots in New York City, the Hamptons, and Maine. Her historic vacation house in Maine, which Martha calls Skylands, which sits on Mount Desert Island, is steeped in history: Though our founder owns it now, it once belonged to the Ford family.

And when she wants a vacation from her everyday homes in Manhattan and upstate New York, Martha is able to find peace and serenity by heading out to her gorgeous house in the Hamptons. "I still can't believe how beautiful it is out here," she has said of her home on Lily Pond Lane that she bought more than 25 years ago. Since then, she's fixed it up—of course!—and now loves having her grandchildren visit to swim in the pool.

Want to get an even closer look at all of the homes Martha Stewart has owned? Come on in and take a look!

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Turkey Hill

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Turkey Hill was Martha's first, and perhaps most famous, home. She and her then-husband bought it in the early '70s, and she spent the next 30 years renovating it, creating its iconic gardens, and buying the surrounding land to turn the farmhouse into an honest-to-goodness farmstead. It was an early 19th-century home that is the epitome of Martha's story and style.

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Martha's estate in Seal Harbor, Maine, is called Skylands, and it was originally built in 1925 for auto executive Edsel Ford. Today, the house, which is located just outside of Acadia National Park, features a pink-granite driveway, 12 bedrooms, naturalistic landscaping, antique furniture, and sun-filled rooms that befit the property's nickname. Martha purchased the home in 1997 and returns there every summer to escape the heat.

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Cantitoe Corners

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Martha spends a lot of time at her home in Katonah, New York, which she calls Cantitoe Corners. After she purchased the monochromatic 1925 farmhouse in 2000, she turned the 152-acre Westchester property into a horse farm that has both modern and historic buildings, a gorgeously manicured garden, dozens of different animals, and a kitchen that home chefs could only dream of.

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Lily Pond


Lily Pond Lane is home to Martha's East Hamptons house, a gorgeous historic home she purchased in the early '90s. In typical Martha fashion, she fixed the home's cracked plaster walls, updated the floors, added a pool, and decked it out with gorgeous homewares to turn it into the getaway that she still enjoys with her family today.

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Perry Street

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Martha is known for her rustic, antique style, but that doesn't mean it's the only look she's drawn towards. Case in point: Her glassy, modern condos on Perry Street in New York City's West Village, which were designed by famed architect Richard Meier. Although Martha has since left her unit, her daughter, Alexis, still lives in the building.

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Fifth Avenue


Another place to land in Manhattan for Martha? She's also called a one-bedroom apartment on Fifth Avenue home. It was in a grand limestone building that looks right out onto Central Park. How lovely!

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