Fabric Flower Hair Pins

A floral crown has the fantastical power to make its wearer feel like a wood nymph—so it's no wonder that bohemian bridesmaids, festival hoppers, and little girls everywhere adore them.

girl posting with flower pins in hair

To fashion hair pins that are enchanting enough for your sugarplum, all you need is some vintage fabric flowers (our source has a wide, naturalistic selection), bobby pins, and a hot-glue gun. Twist back her hair and secure it with a few of these charmed accessories, and watch her take flight.

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What You'll Need


  1. flower_pin_final1

    Lay out blossoms, and place a bobby pin with each. Warm up your glue gun.

  2. flower_pin_final1

    Dab hot glue on the end of each pin, right where it curves, and adhere the bloom; let dry completely before wearing.

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