On a new episode of the Cooking Channel's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," Martha discusses a tangy dessert she first fell in love with in Venice, Italy.

Martha Stewart appears on the Cooking Channel
Credit: Courtesy of the Cooking Channel


If there's one thing we know for sure about Martha Stewart, it's that she loves a good dessert. But if she had to choose just one to actually tuck into, which dessert would she choose? Our founder is finally answering that question in a new episode of the Cooking Channel's The Best Thing I Ever Ate, set to air tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

Earlier this month, she appeared on The Best Thing I Ever Ate to reveal a lunch order she loves, which happens to be a veggie-forward plate at Estiatorio Milos, an upscale Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of New York City's Midtown. The show highlights the special meals that stars in the food industry-everyone from acclaimed chefs to celebrities-love to eat when they're not in the kitchen themselves.

"I'm Martha Stewart-and I don't like to have a meal without a dessert to end it," she says, confirming all of our beliefs (who doesn't love dessert?). "This lemon tart, [it's] just one of the most delicious lemon desserts I've ever, ever had." But it's not just any lemon tart that she's crazy about: Martha shares that she first fell in love with this tangy dessert while on her honeymoon in Venice, Italy. Lucky for her, this lemon tart is now on the menu of a posh New York dining establishment-Cipriani's.

"There's this little restaurant in New York City called Cipriani-it's an outgrowth of the original Harry's Bar in Venice," Martha says. "I had a long four-month honeymoon in Europe, and Venice was one of our stops. We found our way to Harry's Bar-we ate there several times, I think, because the food was so good."

Currently, the original Harry's outpost in Venice offers a rotating menu of classic Italian fare-risotto, ravoli, scampi, and veal picatta, just to name a few. Their dessert selection is just as rich and varied: Crêpes, artisanal sorbets and ice creams, and a few cakes. Stateside, Cipriani's menu offers a few of the same options, with the addition of made-to-order vanilla ice cream, which sounds like a perfect addition to a slice of lemon tart if you ask us.

"The lemon tart was on the menu, and I probably enjoyed it every night," Martha shares. "And that's why I order it every time I go to Cipriani."


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