In this whimsical wall-art, the mosaic is assembled from mint-colored balloons and a pretty pink bow.

This idea comes from our friends Rachel Huntington of Bonjour Fête and Lily Jimenez of The Creative Heart Studio. Their egg balloon installation appeared at an Easter "mommy and me" party. For this project, we recommend using various sizes of balloons ranging between five to nine inches. If either of those sizes are unavailable, 11-inch balloons blown up at less capacity works as well. 


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

building egg frame for green balloons easter decor
Step 1

Print template, and assemble egg shape from foam board according to the manufacturer's instructions.

filling easter egg frame with green balloons
Step 2

Inflate balloons to various sizes, trying not to overinflate. (Tip: Use a larger balloon and only inflate it three-fourths of the way full, so that it has more flexibility to manipulate by hand. They also appear more round which is a nicer shape.)

using hot glue with green balloons for easter egg decor
Step 3

Using a hot glue gun on low temperature setting, attach 20 9-inch balloons to fill the majority of the egg shape.

green balloon for easter egg decor
Step 4

Glue 12 5-inch balloons to add dimension and fill in any gaps

green balloons wrapped with pink bow easter egg shape
Step 5

To make bow, cut the crepe paper to desired length. (Note: A bow with extra-large loops or extra-long tails will require more length.) Form ribbon into two equal loops, cross the right loop over the left. Knot the loops by pushing the right loop behind the left, under, and through the hole. Pull knot tight; adjust loops and tails to desired size. Lightly fold the ends and cut, creating a notch. Attach the finished bow to the mosaic with a small piece of floral wire.


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