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Cat Hammock

Turn your side table into a napping spot for your cat with just a few pieces of scrap fabric, batting, and cotton ribbon. This project takes less than one hour to make and is the perfect solution for using existing space for your cat to lounge away her afternoon.

close up diy cat hammock with cat peeking out

Photography: Chloe Mackintosh

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Chloe Mackintosh of Boxwood Avenue. "My cat, Mimi, is very old and spends most of her day napping," she says. "She loves this spot next to the window where she can watch the birds and bask in the sunshine."


Did you know cats spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping? Our furry friends love to find obscure places to take their catnaps, don't they? Finding the perfect spot often means cat hair on our pillows, sweaters, or clean laundry! Give your kitty a special place to relax with this easy DIY cat bed. For this project, you will need a table that has a top platform opening for securing ribbon ties. "If you don't have one, you can find wonderful inexpensive options at places like Ikea and Target," she suggests. "Or, if you have a wooden table, you can screw or nail little pegs to the four legs to serve as the hanging spot for this kitty hammock."


This cat bed is easy to remove to wash if needed and blends right in with your décor so that you don't need to have an extra piece of furniture.


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  • Fabric, 1 yard (Pictured: Chicago Canvas All-Purpose Canvas Cotton Drop Cloth, 9" x 12", $20,

  • Twill tape, 12 inches (Pictured: Black Ticking Stripe Woven Ribbon, 1 1/2", $5,

  • Batting (Pictured: Angel Crafts & Sewing 100% Cotton Batting, 108" x 96", $30,

  • Quilter's ruler

  • Fabric scissors

  • Straight pins

  • Sewing machine and supplies

  • Side table (optional) (Pictured: Project 62 Glasgow Black Metal End Table, $45,


  1. Measure the dimensions of your table. Cut two squares of fabric measured to match your table dimensions plus 1 inch (for seam allowance).  (Note: If your table measures 20 by 20 inches, then cut 2 squares of fabric that measure 21 by 21 inches.)

    diy cat hammock materials
  2. Cut 8 strips of durable cotton ribbon or trim measuring roughly 12 inches in length. 

    cat hammock materials fabric
  3. Set aside one of the fabric squares. On the other, pin two strands of ribbon at each corner roughly 1 inch each from the corner at a slight diagonal. Pin the ribbon to the right side of the fabric.

    cat hammock materials instructions fabric step three
  4. Place the two fabric squares together so that the wrong sides are showing. Pin into place.

    pinning corners of diy cat hammock fabric
  5. Top stitch around the perimeter of the squares leaving one of the sides open. If you'd like, you can backstitch over the ribbon to reinforce. Allow your stitch to curve at the corners creating a nice rounded edge.

    sewing machine with fabric
  6. Trim away the corners once finished.

    trimming corners of diy cat hammock
  7. Turn the cat bed right side out and press the seams. Cut a piece of batting to match the size of the cat bed.

  8. Insert the batting into the bed.

    seams of diy cat hammock
  9. Fold and pin the open side closed, then top stitch to close the opening.

    pinning open side of diy cat hammock step 9
  10. Tie the bed into place on your table, adjusting the height as needed.

    diy cat hammock in living room

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