Our founder created four new lifestyles inspired by each of her own homes.
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If you've ever wished you could decorate your home just like Martha does, you're in luck: Our founder is launching four new home lifestyles inspired by each of her four properties, giving everyone the opportunity make their own homes feel a little more like Martha's. Her homes-a country farmhouse in Bedford, a modern apartment on New York's Perry Street, the sprawling Skylands retreat in Maine, and a charming coastal cottage on Lily Pond Lane in Easthampton-are all unique in their own right, and each serves as a testament to her elevated style, creativity, and attention to detail. "Each of my homes offers a very different way of living from rural country, remote seaside, sophisticated city, and relaxed and beachy," Martha tells us exclusively. "All of them are truly my favorite and are like children to me so I could never say which I prefer the most."

"All Martha Stewart products start with Martha Stewart and her homes and the lifestyles that they inspire," Kevin Sharkey, Martha Stewart's executive vice president and executive design director for all of Martha's merchandise, says. "Her houses are our laboratories." It only makes sense, then, that she was easily able to curate four distinct collections based on her four very different interiors. These new lifestyles are about much more than just items for inside the home, though-products fall in several categories including gardening tools, home improvement resources, apparel, footwear, crafting materials, as well as pet supplies and kitchenware.

In honor of the launch, Martha and Kevin took us inside these new lifestyles. "[The lifestyles] are a good way for the customer to know that, whether they live in California or Texas or Florida-even though Martha doesn't have a home in any of those places-Martha's home in Lily Pond represents a coastal lifestyle and there's a place for them in our merchandising world," Kevin said. "It's an opportunity for us to provide pathways for the customer to understand our lifestyles and the range that it covers and invite them in." Here, a sneak peek at what to expect.

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Perry Street

Since Martha focuses on geographical context, Kevin says the new collections will feature distinct color and pattern schemes, curated to help you incorporate high-quality products that emulate the regional charm of your very own estate-at amazing values, no less. The Perry Street collection is inspired by Martha's daughter's New York City apartment, above. In creating this collection, she took a clean, urban-modern approach, which reflects the interiors of the Greenwich Village property.

No matter where you live or what kind of space you're looking to decorate, Perry Street speaks to a love of understated, elevated living in a way that capitalizes on whatever amount of space you have. "Obviously, the challenge of city living-no matter where you live, whether it's a big apartment or a small apartment-is that it requires an economy of scale," Kevin says. "So, to live with that rigor is really exciting to me."

Bedford Home
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Bedford, above, is a sprawling country farmhouse in the suburbs of New York City. Items in this collection feature a neutral color palette that embraces the four seasons and a healthy dose of botanical elements. "Bedford is just that bucolic charm. That's the thing that everybody dreams about. Friday nights you just want to go to someplace like Bedford," Kevin says. "Personally, I really love the Bedford lifestyle because that's where we celebrate our holidays. So, that truly is home for me. That's where we go for Thanksgiving, that's where we go for Christmas, that's where we celebrate Easter. So, that hearth and home and the kitchen and celebrating special occasions and things like that together and really making memories, that's what Bedford is all about for me."

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Lily Pond

The Lily Pond collection, which was inspired by Martha's Easthampton home above, embraces the joys of coastal living in all of its playful splendor. "With Lily Pond, we get to play with colors and patterns and prints that we normally wouldn't in other lifestyles," Kevin says, when asked about his favorite lifestyle collection. "So, that enthusiasm for bright, beautiful colors and that happy charm that comes with the prints, that's really exciting for me in Lily Pond."

Martha Stewart's Skylands, Maine, Home Exterior
Credit: Courtesy of Martha Stewart


As for Skylands, which was inspired by Martha's Maine retreat, seen above, there's an emphasis on elegant items and confident uses of colors, textures, and patterns. "In particular my house in Maine, designed by Duncan Candler in 1925, has every feature a home needs and an owner wants," Martha says of the property. "When you need firewood, there is a closet full of it. When you need a utilities sink, open a door, and it's there! The house was built as an elegant summer retreat with seven master bedrooms with walk-in closets and bathrooms, and five maids rooms, all privately located. The house also includes a breezy sunlit laundry room, a giant open kitchen, and great storage spaces throughout. It would be very hard to replicate this house. I wish I could move it with me from place to place." While it might be difficult to replicate the exact look, Martha has made it incredible easy for homeowners to capture the property's aesthetic.

For any homemaker in any city or town across the country, Martha's latest project could be the best chance to truly bring her innovative spirit into your own life. You'll be able to find all of Martha's new product at multiple retailers, including Amazon, Macy's, Staples, Michael's, JLA Home, and online exclusives at QVC. And you can feel confident you're stocking your home with the best-in-class goods. "Every Martha Stewart product has to check off three boxes: function and innovation, quality at value, and beauty," says Kevin. "Martha believes that good quality should be available to everyone."


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