Plus, more of the amazing fan art Martha receives (and keeps!) from all of you.

By Alexandra Lim-Chua Wee
March 13, 2019

While you may love her for her classic recipes, crafty projects, and party-planning expertise, there's nothing Martha loves more than getting fan mail from you, our dedicated readers! In fact, inside her Bedford home, she has a special room just for your letters of love and, well, other these tokens of admiration-some of which you'll have to see to believe.

"I have a whole big studio filled with artwork from fans-of me, my dogs-from needle point to glitter," Martha told TODAY. And if you're wondering if your fan mail got lost in the mail shuffle, our founder assures, "I save all of it because it's just very interesting...very."

From hand-drawn portraits of Martha and her daughter, Alexis, and caricatures of the boss and her pets to painted posters of Bête Noire and Crème Brûlée, and paper collages of Sharkey (you love her furry friends), fans' artistic creations have certainly created a makeshift gallery in Martha's home.

"Somebody sent me a whole high chair and it's all painted blue and has little step stools," said Martha of the dog-friendly dining chair one fan crafted for Francesca. She's also receive personalized mugs, water bottles, and desk décor.

One fan even showed Martha a tattoo of her on his ribcage during a event meet-and-greet in Seattle. "And then he gave me a Sharpie and wanted me to sign underneath that so he could tattoo that into his skin." What can we say? Martha certainly knows how to make an impression.


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