The Most Cheerful Spring Wreaths for Your Front Door Décor

Photo: Aaron Dyer

Decorating for the new season? Start at the front door with one of our handmade wreath ideas featuring everything from lush greenery and fresh flowers to gilded accents.

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Matthew Williams

It's spring again. And this season is always an awakening of sorts: birds chirping in their nests, fresh flowers in full bloom, and visits from friends and family as we return to the outdoors. It's something in the air that lends us to believe that our homes are in need of a spring cleaning, refresh in style, and transformative makeover.

A good start? Place a wreath on the front door to give guests a warm, cheery welcome this season. And with vibrant colors, beautiful blooms, and earthy elements, spring is a natural source of inspiration. Forage lush greenery from the backyard with wild abandon or pluck flowers from your garden with a discerning eye. Flowering trees like quince and dogwood are spring's most lavish yet short-lived display. Fortunately, they last for generations and there's one for every garden. Follow florist Emily Thompson's example and wind the branches into an organic wreath. Spring can inspire motifs and colors for something straight out of imagination. If that strikes your fancy, choose our tutorial to craft a whimsical wreath that's made with paper-thin metalworking sheets and painted in pretty hues, resulting in an heirloom in its own right.

There's no better time of year to wipe the slate of your everyday life clean and start anew. Fitting for the metaphor, display our modernist plaque with ultra-elegant laurel appliqué, a monogram, and matte-finish chalk paint that can be washed clean. Try one of our handmade wreath ideas, and the spring season will live in your front door décor.

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Door Prize Wreath

may day flower wreath on door
Paola + Murray

Put a ring on spring with our twist on classic May Day flower cones. Just hot-glue dried blooms and grasses to mini grapevine wreaths, then leave them hanging on friends' front doors and dash. The long-lasting loops will delight your inner circle.

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Flights of Fancy Spring Wreath

Aaron Dyer

Bright and beautiful, this wreath is nothing short of showstopping. Paper-thin metalworking sheets make easy work of these embellishments—simply follow our templates to snip out the shapes.

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Chalk-Painted Monogram Plaque

chalk painted white monogram plaque
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Here's an instant upgrade for your door: brush a simple wooden round with a coat of chalk paint, add a few leafy laurel accents, and stencil on a family monogram in gold paint. Because it can be wiped clean, use it as a way of giving guests a signature greeting before they knock once.

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Laser-Cut Wood

tracy taylor ward baby shower wreath
Judy Pak Photography

Laser-cut wood is a sturdy, practical material that lends itself to all manner of décor. Lush with greenery and white blossoms, this round comes with a charming swallow-bird motif.

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Flowering Quince Wreath

Maria Robledo

Looking for something more wild and freeform? Florist Emily Thompson is known for her signature ephemeral wreaths including this one made from a fresh quince branch in bloom. She wired it into a loop, then added branches with rose hips for a touch of green.

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Paper Clover Wreath

St. Patrick's Day clover wreath
Kathleen Ballos

Paper is by no means a poor imitation for the beautiful bounty of spring. Snip, fold, and shape it into any variety of greenery. These four-leaf clovers might even bring you luck on St. Patrick's Day and beyond.

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Citrus Garden Wreath

sweet laurel retreat hanging orange wreath
Claire Thomas

Flowers tend to catch our eye the most in springtime, but there's an abundance of fruit that is just as colorful and ripe for wreathmaking. Here, this sturdy grapevine wreath is brimming with real citrus fruit among rose blossoms.

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Spring Hoop Wreath

floral hoop diy
Janelle Jones

A wreath's base is made from grapevine, twine, and bendable boughs. Here, we tried a lesser-used florist's trick: metal hoops. Forage for fresh greenery or select flowers from your spring garden, and make wreaths of your own.

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Fern Wreath

Fern Wreath on Door

This wreath grows as it lives in your home. The gardener's secret? A sphagnum moss-covered wreath form is tucked with fern plants, which are misted occasionally. To make your own, wet a sphagnum moss-covered wreath form, and divide ferns into individual plants with their roots attached. Then, tuck the stems into the moss, which anchors them as they grow. Hang indoors, and mist occasionally.

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