Say "bonjour" to a French dessert that's a unique and beautiful way to showcase these ubiquitous nuts.
blancmange martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter

A healthy snack, a smooth spread for sandwiches, a vegan milk substitute-is there anything almonds can't do? There are myriad almond-based products you can find in the supermarket, but plain, whole blanched almonds-which have been briefly boiled to remove the skins-hold a world of possibilities in themselves.

Take this blancmange, one of Martha's all-time favorite gelatin desserts. It's similar to a large-format panna cotta, and is a delicate and creamy pudding-like treat with restaurant-worthy looks. Martha starts by toasting blanched almonds in a low oven, and then pulses them until fine. She mixes the fragrant ground nuts with sweetened, cinnamon-scented milk-and then lets everything steep overnight, to give the milk a rich almond flavor. The next day, Martha adds cream and gelatin, and pours everything into a mold. The completed dessert is a true show-stopper, an unexpectedly delicious way to highlight almonds.

Tune in to Martha Bakes this weekend to learn how to make this fantastic recipe, as well as an ice-cream truck inspired almond-crunch ice cream cake and tantalizing almond sandwich cookies-and hear from almond expert, Priscilla Martel, on just why these nuts are so special.


In French, "blanc" means white and "manger" means to eat-and put together, the words might just as well mean "one very beautiful and elegant dessert." Martha makes hers with cinnamon-steeped almond milk and just the right amount of cream.

almond crunch ice cream cake martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter

Almond-Crunch Ice Cream Cake

If you love Good Humor's Toasted Almond Bar, this is the dessert for you. It features layers of almond cake enhanced with amaretto syrup, alternating with vanilla ice cream and sugared almonds.

almond cookie sandwich martha bakes
Credit: Mike Krautter

Almond-Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

Homemade almond flour (otherwise known as ground almonds) give these delightful sandwich cookies texture and a lovely almond flavor.

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