Every woman can master this pretty, bright-eyed look.

A model's jet-setting lifestyle might seem glamorous, but the reality can be quite the opposite. The perfect example? When you've just stepped off a red eye and have to immediately get ready for a date. This scenario is something model Imena de Barros is all too familiar with, and now she's sharing her best-kept beauty secrets when time is of the essence. In this video, she shows us how to pull together a pretty, bright-eyed look for date night without much time to spare. Even if you've never found yourself rushing from the airport to the restaurant, this makeup look is one you'll want to commit to memory. After all, every woman can relate to the idea of trying to look her best when time is tight.

The first time-saving secret is making your skin glow from the inside out by maintaining a healthy lifestyle-that means eating a well-balanced diet and drinking lots of water. After that, it's about creating a makeup look that makes you feel confident. For De Barros, that means a warm-toned, subtle smoky eye. First up is concealer-it's key for brightening under eye circles, especially when you're dealing with jet lag. Then, apply brown powder eye shadow on the lids and eyeliner on top to accentuate the eyes and lashes. To add radiance, blend a highlighter stick along the brow bones, and dust a bit of shimmer in between the corners of the eyes. That small trick works wonders to making you look wide awake.

Brush up the eyebrows, and apply mascara, starting from the base of the lash and wiggling the wand from side to side to ensure they're evenly coated. De Barros' tip to avoiding clumps: run a disposable spoolie through lashes afterward. Finally, finish with a natural pink lip color, muss up your hair a bit, and you're ready to walk out the door!

Once you've got these simple steps down, you'll never have to stress about being ready in time for your dinner reservation again.


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