Learn how to put your best face forward in less time than it takes to brew a pot coffee.

By Elizabeth Swanson
March 10, 2019

Despite what you may think, the phrase "natural contour" is not an oxymoron. Contouring might be associated with a glamorous makeup look, but it can also be fresh-faced and minimal-as long as you use the right products, that is. In this video, veteran beauty columnist Jane Larkworthy proves exactly that. She shows us how to create an everyday makeup look, complete with contour, that's effortless and natural.

The first step doesn't even involve makeup, but skincare. Great skincare, after all, leads to great skin, which means you'll end up using less makeup and letting your skin shine through instead. But that doesn't mean you have to use a myriad of serums and oils. Finding an effective, do-it-all product is key, which is why Larkworthy reaches for Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Advanced Serum Concentrate. It's a serum and moisturizer hybrid that's lightweight (read: perfect for wearing under makeup). It fades dark spots, treats fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates, and calms sensitive skin.

After blending it into the skin and priming to create a smooth surface, it's time for makeup. In this case, it's a soft-toned beauty look that Larkworthy says is meant to highlight-not cover-her natural beauty. A bit of foundation here, a touch of contour there, pink blush, a dusting of loose powder, and then the finishing touches-eyeliner, mascara, and lip balm-and she's good to go.

Perhaps the best part of the whole thing? It can be done well under five minutes, as evidenced by the length of this video!


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