Royal Copenhagen Easter Eggs

To get the look of Royal Copenhagen, we used temporary tattoos and nail decals, which affix to eggshell as easily as they do to us, to achieve perfect cobalt flourishes.

royal copenhagen easter eggs in bowl


  1. For blue eggs, wipe room-temperature hard-cooked or blown-out white eggs with distilled white vinegar; dry thoroughly. Dye following egg-dye manufacturer's instructions.

  2. For patterned eggs, remove protective film from a temporary tattoo or nail decal. Cut around shape, if needed, leaving a 1/8-inch margin. Hold tattoo or decal by edges, without touching inked side. Place on the center of a hard-cooked or blown-out white egg.

  3. Holding egg in one hand, secure tattoo or decal with your thumb. With other hand, dab a wet paper towel over tattoo or decal, gently pressing down. When you feel it has adhered to egg, carefully remove paper. If any parts aren't completely attached, dab them carefully with moist paper towel. Let dry completely.

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