Luster Splatterware Easter Eggs

To get the look of luster splatterware, drop a teaspoon or so of extra virgin olive oil into your dye, then dip, dry, and rub the still-oily surface with edible luster dust for lasting shimmer.


  1. Wipe room-temperature hard-cooked or blown-out white eggs with distilled white vinegar; dry thoroughly. Dye pink following egg-dye manufacturer's instructions. Remove from dye bath; gently dab with a paper towel and let dry completely.

  2. Apply a bit of olive oil to a paper towel; rub onto dyed eggs. Use a cotton swab to dab a little pink edible luster dust onto egg; rub with a facial tissue to coat.

  3. To create splattered eggs, wipe more room-temperature hard-cooked or blown-out white eggs with vinegar; dry thoroughly. Prepare pink dye bath according to manufacturer's instructions, ideally in a shallow bowl with a flat bottom.

  4. Add one teaspoon olive oil to dye bath; let it work itself into small bubbles (this will take a few minutes); do not swirl. Add up to one teaspoon more oil, if needed. (Don't add too much, or the bubbles will be too large for the pattern to work. But if bubbles are tiny, add a bit more.) Carefully place an egg in bath; roll until all parts are covered by dye.

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