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A Rare Black Moon Will Appear in the Sky This Weekend
This otherworldly phenomenon will happen on Saturday, April 30, in conjunction with the first solar eclipse of 2022.
You'll Be Able to See a Full Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon This Month
The celestial event will cause what's known as a blood moon, which occurs when the Earth's moon is in a total lunar eclipse and transforms the object from white-grey to reddish brown.
Martha's Tag Sale Features Hundreds of Rare and Collectible Pieces, From Jadeite to China
Our founder shared a first glimpse of the items she's featuring at her tag sale, including outdoor iron furniture, milk glass, tableware, and more stunning finds.
The First Solar Eclipse of the Year Will Happen This Weekend—Here's How to Watch
The moon will obscure as much as 64 percent of the sun during the celestial event, making it a partial solar eclipse.
Forest Bathing May Be the Secret to Improving Your Mental and Physical Health
The practice of taking note of nature’s sensory experiences has become a prescribed treatment for stress-related conditions in Japan.
The Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Peak This Week—Here's How to Watch
Known as one of the oldest meteor showers, the Lyrids have been observed for more than 2,700 years.

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Queen Elizabeth Is Celebrating Her Birthday with a New Portrait Showcasing Her Love of Horses
The monarch's birthday portrait is surprisingly similar to a photo of Martha alongside her own stallions at her Bedford, New York, farm.
Martha Is Hosting Her First-Ever Tag Sale of Items From Her Own Collection
The two-day event will feature Martha's furniture, tableware, art, linens, clothing, plants, decorations, and more.