Creating the ultimate outdoor space has never been easier thanks to our tips and tricks for backyard landscaping. Get inspired to start—and complete!—your next garden project with the help of these great ideas.

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30 Great Ideas for Your Garden

Dress your garden up with colorful blooms, charming pots, and much more.

Virtually Meander Along the Pathways of Martha's Perennial Garden, a Landscape of Delights

When fate (in the form of a mole-cricket invasion) forced Martha to relocate her vegetable plot eight years ago, she filled the space with a different kind of sustenance: wave after wave of breathtaking perennial flowers. Today, the landscape bursts with a rainbow of romantic blooms from spring through fall. Wander in for a top-of-the-season tour.

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Garden Trellis

This vertical structure provides support to climbing vines, flowers, and vegetables.