17 One-of-a-Kind Crafts That You Can Make and Sell


Whether it be sewing, jewelry-making, or soapmaking, it is time to capitalize on your creative talents.

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Have you ever had a friend ask you where you got that knit scarf, beaded bracelet, or marbled ceramic vase, and then basked in the joy of letting them know that you actually made it yourself? For the avid crafter, there's no better feeling than the rush of pride that comes with sharing your creative ingenuity. And many crafters have been able to capitalize on their talents.

If you're skilled in something—whether it be sewing, jewelry-making, candle-pouring, or soapmaking—and have the time and space to craft your creations in larger quantities, there are a variety of such items you can make to sell for extra money. In fact, with a little planning, you can build a profitable home business.

Handmade goods are becoming much more sought-after, and with the growing popularity of marketplaces like Etsy and Handmade on Amazon there are more options than ever to peddle your wares. That said, starting a small business isn't for everyone. There are important factors to consider: building an inventory, calculating overhead expenses (like materials, packaging, and shipping), and tracking taxation and time spent. But if you're motivated, it's a good way to generate some extra income and receive accolades for your beautiful work at the same time.

If you love crafting, there is definitely a market for you to monetize what you make. And when you love what you do, it will hardly feel like extra work. To help spark some ideas, here are the projects that you can make at home and would sell well on online marketplaces and at local craft fairs.

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Sarah Anne Ward

Everyone loves a little shimmer and shine, and making a high-fashion statement has never been easier than with a pair of colorful tassel earrings, wooden bead necklaces, or kumihimo-braided bracelets and lariats. There are endless materials to try your hand including polymer clay, stones, wire and charms, leather, and even yarn from your leftover supplies. Many of these can be made expeditiously by the batch, and some of them are as easy as a dip in dye bath (like these wooden bead necklaces). Others are truly one-of-a-kind and meticulous as stringing bead by bead (such as seed bead bracelets). All of them exude heirloom quality.

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Concrete and Ceramics

concrete vases flowers pink
Sidney Bensimon

These mediums are more popular than ever—and they can be made into all sorts of vessels including vases, dishes, and decorative statuettes. Use kitchen items as your mold (here, we recycled a bottle) and pour the mixture into any shape and size.

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If you know your way around a sewing machine, you can make mountains of blankets, throws, and quilts. And who wouldn't want to bundle up one of yours? Weighted blankets are believed to help people fall asleep faster, while a knotted quilt is easy to stitch together, and a "memory" blanket is always a worthy gift for a new mother and her baby. More of a knitter? This chunky-style blanket is swiftly made using your own two arms.

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These petite squares are artisanally made in multiple batches. With materials like glycerin soap, silicone molds, and touches like pink Himalayan salt and oatmeal, it's easy to create luxurious looking soaps by either the melt-and-pour method or the cold-process method. Personalize them to a customer's preferences (scented to their favorite blend of tea or prepared with ingredients that cater to their skincare needs). Package them in gift boxes with tissue paper, and they're ready to be sudsed.

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Natural Pet Products

paw balm small jars
Chloe Mackintosh

More than ever, pet owners are turning to natural products for their canine (and feline) companions. If animals have your heart in a similar way, combine passions with a line of homemade pet products: paw balm, shampoo, and deodorizer can all be concocted easily from the pantry staples in your kitchen.

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Slime and Sensory Toys

slime valentines
Shanna Sullivan

Slime may be a strange trend to some, but you can't deny its popularity among kids of all ages. There's just something soothing about the feeling of gooey ooze between your fingers—especially in a pretty hue! Our fluffy recipe is Borax-free, making it a great hands-on activity for kids. After that, try science-inspired DIY kits for kids like magnetic putty, kinetic sand, and "calming" glitter jars.

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Natural Spa Products

homemade bubble bath in jar with ribbon accent
Anusha Rajeswaran

Scrubs, bath salts, bubble baths, and balms—when prettily packaged and sourced from natural ingredients, they make for a beautiful line of homemade products. Concoct your own custom scents and signature properties or personalize them to the buyer. For the woman who's sweet as sugar, this green tea sugar scrub will exfoliate with the added benefit of rich antioxidants that purify and moisturize skin.

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Keepsake Ornaments

glitter spun cotton ice cream cone cherry cupcake candy ornaments
Lennart Weibull

Holidays are more than just a time of year for decorating, gift-giving, and general merrymaking. It's also a time for making memories. A personalized ornament is always a thoughtful gift, and can be made as a one-of-a-kind custom order or part of a boxed set. Make them marbled, gilded, glittered, felted, or folded from paper.

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Children's Toys


Always a way to make someone smile: make toys like stuffed animals and dolls, roll-up board games, building blocks, or pull toys made from papier-mache. These petite stuffed animals—a Fair Isle lamb, a cable-knit chicken, and an argyle pig—are so cuddly and simple to make, they'll want the whole menagerie.

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Headbands and Barrettes

Bryan Gardner

For a special occasion or everyday style, everyone loves a little personal touch to their hairstyle. On the smaller scale, you can make hair accessories that clamp, fit, or pin into place for little cost of materials. Consider beaded barrettes, suede headbands, or the scrunchie.

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Decorative Art

stenciled hanging artwork mantle
Johnny Miller

Painting, embroidery, or any kind of mixed media skills can be put to use in a piece of wall-art. Items like picture frames, embroidery hoops, and woven baskets are not just household items, but upcycling inspiration. Let your inner artist shine with art (you can even take custom requests and commissions).

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James Merrell

Candles are as unique as the people who own them. If you make your own, experiment with an assortment of shapes, colors, and scents. What's more, you can use different unique items to package them such as glass jars and vintage tins, teacups, and seashells.

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Paper Goods

Tara Donne

Who doesn't love to receive a handwritten correspondence in the mail? As a paper crafter, design cameo-like cards, watercolor illustrations, and three-dimensional invitations for those planning a big event. You can also create a personalized stationery set delivered as a digital file that the customer can print on their end.

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Organizing Accessories

quilted jewelry roller fabric
Lennart Weibull

Pretty, practical, and far from underwhelming: Bags, pouches, catch-alls, and quilted roll-up cases all have so many uses: for holding glasses, a cellphone, makeup essentials, or even knitting needles. Work with materials that are both on-trend and always classic (like velvet) and personalization possibilities (like photo-printing and embroidered monograms).

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