From stylish small-space solutions to large-scale slabs—this is the year of going bold.


Although classic black or white subway tile will never go out of style-and frankly you can't go wrong installing it in your kitchen or bathroom-it's fun to mix it up and add some personality into your home. And while we don't advise leaning too hard into trends-"We don't want you to put something in your house that in 10 years from now you'll look at and say, 'Oh my god, that's so 2019,'" agrees Nancy Epstein, CEO of Artistic Tile-it doesn't hurt to have some inspiration and fresh ideas to jumpstart your renovations.

From bold colors to unique patterns, experts reveal what they say will be popular in terms of tile design throughout the rest of this year.


Fun Patterns

Don't let a decorative tile scare you. White or cream tile will always be chic, but patterns are becoming hugely popular in home décor. Florals and leaf prints have become particularly prominent, bringing a warm, nature-inspired feel to any space. However, since large amounts of florals or romantic prints can easily become overwhelming, interior designer Alena Capra, who serves as the spokesperson for Coverings, the largest tile exhibition in North America, suggests reserving them for accent walls or flooring in smaller spaces. "With its pop of personality, florals and leaves are a perfect alternative to wallpaper and other wall coverings," she adds.

Credit: Ceramics of Italy_Sicis

Mirror Tile

Mirror tile just may be the small space solution you've been searching for. It's also one of the fastest rising trends in tile, amplifying light and bringing elegance and dimension to the room. Another bonus: It's extremely easy to clean; just grab some window cleaner and a cloth. Capra says that the most popular styles right now are antique mirror, and classic mirror finishes with beveled or polished edges in a variety of shapes. Mirror tile can work well in many areas of the home, but looks best as a kitchen backsplash, bar nook, or even as a statement wall.

bold color tiles

Bold Color

While black and white can be equally graphic-particularly when they're paired together-homeowners are growing more adventurous in their color choices, and we're now seeing more and more rooms with color. What's the most popular? No surprise here, it's blue. "Blue remains America's favorite color for home design, and it is often the first exploration beyond neutrals for homeowners," says Capra. Brighter blues are gaining popularity as well as darker navy, which compliment all the gold and bronze accents so popular right now. Not ready to go bold yet? Designers are also incorporating touches of bold colors with neutrals. "The [fun] colors that we used to live with in the 1980s, those are coming back," says Epstein. "But not by themselves. We're mixing color subtly into white, gray, and black backgrounds."

Credit: TCNA_ Vitromex


As technology progresses, tiles are becoming larger and larger, Capra says. Current styles can be up to 60 inches by 120 inches, which might be a bit intimidating when decorating a home. This is why it's important to consider where you'll be placing the tile, as well as adhering to the correct weight and thickness guidelines for installation. Gauged porcelain tiles are a type of large format tiles that are gaining popularity for their thin size and minimal grout lines. This effect mimics the appearance of grand, giant slabs of stone. It's perfect to create the look of marble without the hefty cost of the thicker stone.


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