DIY? More like, Done It Already.
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Credit: Brittany Wood

Can you remember a time when Martha's name wasn't synonymous with all things making, mending, creating, and imagining? Neither can we. For 25 years, crafters have turned to Martha and her team of editors for all kinds of projects, whether it be something as simple as how to sew a button or extravagant as designing a couture Halloween costume with 15 yards of pink tulle plus a woodland forest of artisanally made mushrooms to match (and if you're asking, yes, she's done the latter).

You can always trust her for step-by-step instructions, brilliant photography, plus the tools and materials to do the task right. And having published countless tomes on the techniques-candlemaking, scrapbooking, flower pressing, and glittering galore-she wrote the book (or should we say, multiple books) on how to make something by hand with unparalleled attention to detail and an unapologetic aim for perfection.

Who else would think to turn a pinecone into a penguin, milk cartons into soap molds, or glass jars into, well, almost anything? It's a testament to her expertise, and these are just a few of the projects that illustrate her ethos: Make it practical, make it useful, and, above all, make it inspiring.

Anytime she hosts a crafternoon with her celebrity friends.

That's true whether it's making Christmas ornaments with Claire Danes, writing cards with Diana Ross, building a peg rack with Conan O'Brien, or teaming up on a showstopping floral installation with Jenni Kayne.

Credit: Mike Krautter

Her DIY weapon of choice? More than one.

She comes armed with an entire line of craft tools and supplies: paper punches, paints, scissors, and party supplies.

painted egg centerpiece
Credit: Courtesy of Johnny Miller

She knows anything can be material for a craft project.

Pussywillows? More like gift baskets, branch arrangements, and centerpieces for the dinner table.

Credit: Johnny Miller

She knows how to make something old new again.

Remember that time she repurposed tea towels by sewing a dress for her granddaughter (and, oh, all of her little friends)?

Credit: Stephan Abry

Every spring, her Easter eggs are nothing short of eggs-traordinary.

Have you seen Martha's Easter eggs? Once you're done oohing and aahing, be sure to check out her baskets.


She loves a monogram.

All monograms are not created equal. While Martha loves monogrammed anything, she's especially partial to an M.

Credit: Johnny Miller

Her Fourth of July parties are always a star-spangled affair.

Credit: Sang An

In the summer time, treasures are waiting to be discovered by her at the seashore.

These shell ornaments are dusted with two shades of glitter and blended for a dazzling ombré effect.


When it's fall, her pumpkins are the best in the neighborhood.

Have you ever seen a gourd transformed into a mouse house, a fairy's enchanted dwelling, a pirate ship, or an entire constellation of stars?

Credit: Andrew Eccles

Her Halloween costumes are the stuff of dreams.

Or nightmares, if only in the most fantastical way as we've seen in her design competition, "Shriek or Chic: Martha's Haute Halloween Challenge."


Turkeys aren't just meant to be eaten on Thanksgiving.

In Martha's home, they're also artisanally molded from cement.

Martha Stewart with handmade wreath
Credit: Matthew Williams

She knows how to give her houseguests a warm welcome with small touches.

Houseguests at Martha's are always welcomed with small, meaningful touches. Sometimes, miniature.


She's not afraid to pick up a drill and saw.

Even if it startles Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Roberts and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the process.

martha in stables with donkey
Credit: Paola + Murray

At Christmastime, everyone in the family gets a personalized stocking.

And we mean everyone-yes, even the donkeys.


Her pets are always impeccably dressed and cared for with Martha's projects.

From comfy beds to birdcages, raincoats and diamond dog collars, Martha has so many pet-centric projects.

Credit: Katya De Grunwald

Her Christmas trees will always top your tannenbaum.

And by trees, we mean 40 of them. They're trimmed from top to bottom with showstopping toppers, twinkling lights, and dozens of ornaments-all handmade.


And as the original purveyor of all things handmade and homemade, she's always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Whether it be 3-D printing, or discovering the next American Made maker to be Martha approved. Will it be you?


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