Consider this a most worthy upgrade.

salmon and cod gefilte fish plated
Credit: Chris Simpson

When we went to update our recipe for this classic Passover appetizer, we learned that people either love or loathe gefilte fish-even our food editors stood divided. Then they dreamed up this modern take that reinvents the classic and reels in salmon and cod in place of the usual freshwater choices such as carp, pike, or whitefish. It also banishes blandness by bringing mustard and dill into the mix. Formed into elegant pale pink quenelles, their oval shape is an upgrade to the usual gefilte fish balls, making them an ideal starter. Plus, each quenelle has a piece of salmon in the center, so everyone at your seder table will be hooked.

We like to serve our gefilte fish redux on a bed of escarole leaves with lemon wedges, sliced mini cucumbers, halved radishes, and plenty of matzos, for a colorful presentation that's more Instagram than grandma. The two sauces below are essential, they round out the dish in delicious fashion.

Test kitchen tip: Before meat grinders came along, deli chefs chopped seafood by hand for gefilte fish. Pulsing the fish in a food processor gives it that same light, delicate texture.

carrot beet horseradish sauce in white bowl
Credit: Julia Gartland

Carrot-Beet Horseradish

A colorful update on the classic horseradish accompaniment. Just two ingredients and you've got this tasty take.

lemon horseradish sauce in blue bowl
Credit: Julia Gartland

Lemon Horseradish Sauce

A quick, no-cook sauce to serve with gefilte fish.


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