Which means you can feel even better about those long, hot showers.
shower head mist
Credit: Courtesy of Kickstarter

Whether you're hoping to save some serious cash or simply looking to reduce your ecological footprint, reducing how much water you use every day should be one of your top goals in 2019. It's true that cutting your shower time down by just one minute could save upwards of three gallons of water, but if you're not a fan of counting seconds while lathering up, then you'll want to learn more about a new showerhead that instantly cuts down the amount of water used for each shower.

The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 showerhead (which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign) was designed to reduce water usage in any tap by up to 70 percent-without even requiring you to cut down on your time in the shower. According to the product's campaign page, it's currently being sold for $349.

According to data provided by Harvard University, the average American enjoys an 8-minute shower up to twice daily, and commonplace shower fixtures can push out 20 gallons of water, or 2.5 gallons per minute. The Nebia isn't designed to reduce the shower's pressure or minimize the flow of water itself (meaning, you won't be showering in a slow drip), but still manages to use only 7 gallons of water in the same time period. How? The Kickstarter campaign shares that the Nebia showerhead uses "powerful streams of water [that] immediately envelop you, wrapping you in an embrace that was made for you." It seems that pressurized mist is the key to the developer's design, which they call "atomization, the process of breaking up water into tiny droplets."

You won't need a handyman to install this water-saving wonder, either-it's designed in multiple colors and metallic finishes, and can be installed without screws. It comes with a magnetic dock and a sliding arm for easier use. According to the project's page, the Nebia is already compatible with upwards of 95 percent of homes in the United States, and there's a good chance it'll be a great option for your bathroom, too. You can pre-order your Nebia showerhead on Kickstarter right now.


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